TransForum: Car-Free Adventures and Heroes

From TransForm:

An evening to celebrate the people who walk, bike, and take public transportation

We’re taking a year off from running our full-blown Car-Free Challenge this year, the event where participants set a personal low car mileage goal and then log their miles plus share their experiences online.

But we still want to bring all of you awesome transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians together to celebrate driving less and living more!

We’re hosting a TransForum that’s all about sharing the joys and challenges of driving less.   We’ll hear from some fascinating speakers, recognize some car-free heroes, and then swap stories about the joys – and challenges – to driving less over wine and snacks.

About our speakers: how far would you go to not drive a car?

Barnali Ghosh and Anirvan Chatterjee traveled the world for a year without setting foot on a plane – including crossing the Pacific in a container ship!  They also researched the effects of climate change in different parts of the world – everywhere from Bangladesh to London.

Then there’s Justin Eichenlauband Kelly Gregory.  They’re all about figuring out how to get to destinations that aren’t local but are within the state like Yosemite without a car.

  • mikesonn

    I’m looking forward to this event.