Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Who Deliberately Killed Man in Hit-and-Run Convicted of Manslaughter (SF Examiner)
  • New GG Bridge Bike Speed Limit Being Considered: 15 MPH, 5 When Passing (Bay Bikers Blog)
  • BART Awarded $300M Contract for Warm Springs Extension (SF Gate)
  • BART Board Delays Vote on Friday Late-Night Service (SF Examiner)
  • $16M Grant Will Help Design Safety Plan for Caltrain, High-Speed Rail (Mercury News)
  • Portland’s Cargo Bike Scene is Exploding (Bike Portland)
  • Ray LaHood Suspends Overseas Trips to Study Walking, Biking Best Practices (Bike Portland)
  • CA Legislators Can’t Decide Whether to Keep Vehicle License Fee (SacBee)
  • Civil Grand Jury Slams Hunter’s Point Shipyard Development Project (SFBG)
  • Marin is “A Cyclist’s Paradise With a Few Very Dangerous Roads” (Bay Citizen)
  • San Jose Airport Opens 1,516 New Car Parking Spots Today with $8.8M Project (Mercury News)

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  • mikesonn

    I still think the speed limits on the bridge is plain stupid. Maybe have the kiosk on the ends reminding people (walkers & cyclists) that the bridge will be crowded and to be aware of those around you. Though really, you shouldn’t have to be reminded that other people exist, but apparently that is needed.

    You just have to take the opinion that the bridge will be slow and expect it. If you go thinking you can bomb the whole way and then you can’t, of course you’ll end up pissed off. There’s construction, just deal with it and we’ll all be better off. I rode it last weekend and it was annoying, yes, but it wasn’t that bad and people made it work without a speed limit.

  • Anonymous

    Consider this. A jogger running 12 minute miles (very slow) is going 5 MPH. A cyclist would be required to pass them at… 5 MPH, in other words prohibited from passing.

    Would a runner running 7 MPH be required to slow to pass other peds?

  • mikesonn

    Exactly, just let people work it out. Most of the “fast” riders that the bridge district is worried about are connected via the internets so the word is out that you’ll just have to suck it up and go slow. Has there been an accident yet? Nope, and it’s been going for a couple weeks now.

    Murph, I believe you said it best when you mentioned the head on collision on the bridge roadway and brought up the need for the cars to be traveling at 10-15 mph.

  • Joel

    @murphstahoe:disqus – Bicycles are much more likely to injure peds in passing than joggers are.

  • Abe

    The SacBee article “CA Legislators Can’t Decide Whether to Keep Vehicle License Fee” made me wonder why everything is so automatic for drivers. They are mailed renewal forms for their registration, license, etc., but someone without a license has to take the time to go into the DMV to renew their State ID card (basically the same process as getting a new one). Why is this?

    And why are we even thinking about reducing registration fees when we have a deficit?

  • @Joel – Ice Cream is much more likely to kill you than carrots. Your statement is nonsense. Is a cyclist passing at 15 MPH more likely to injure you than one at 5 MPH? Doesn’t matter. What does matter is the absolute likelihood of the faster limit.

  • TomF94110

    Murph, Agreed, 5mph is too slow – the average walker is about 4mph, so you’d barely be passing at all. Whatever limit is chosen, and 15 doesn’t seem unreasonable, at least it should be a blanket limit and not variable.