Today’s Headlines

  • Gov Brown Vetoes $234m Bond for Transit and HSR in Approved Budget (SF Gate)
  • Ca. High-Speed Rail Authority’s PR Firm Quits (SacBee)
  • Bay Area Mayors Call Brown’s Redevelopment Cuts an Illegal Money Grab (Coco TimesCBS 2)
  • BART Train Nearly Misses Woman on Tracks, System Delayed (SF Examiner)
  • Golden Gate Ferry Workers Call Off Strike at Last Minute (Mercury News)
  • More on 3-Foot Passing Bill for Cyclists Passing Assembly Committee (Press Democrat)
  • California Car Owners to Get Tax Cuts Starting Today (LAT)
  • Californians Continue to Drive Less (SacBee)
  • Bay Area Cities Start Using Asphalt Recycling Process to Fill Potholes (GOOD)
  • Bike Portland Provides a Compilation of Studies on the Economic Benefits of Cycling
  • Kids Declare Independence with SFBC’s Freedom From Training Wheels (Bike About Town)

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  • Masonic will be the death….

    I was very nervous about SB910 early on. When it was first introduced it focused on bike/auto speed differential as the trigger for a minimum 3 ft. Now that as amended any driver traveling over 15mph must give three no matter the road layout I am on board. The $225 fine for a driver who hits a cyclist causing bodily injury while not giving 3 feet is huge. Anyone in SF who has dealt with being hit knows that for the police even a small visible bruise constitutes bodily injury. The scaling of fines for repeat offenders is helpful as well, but a 50 first offense fine seems small. Even after all bail, and court fees are added the total will be the same as a seat belt ticket.

    I just completed a ride at the beginning of June that took me from SF to the foothills east of Auburn, and on that trip I got more room from from the biggest SUV driver down to the Prius driver than I have ever gotten in the city. Which says a lot about urban drivers, and the need for a low fixed speed trigger to the law.

    I would love to see the 15 mph lowered to 10, but won’t complain if it makes it through in its current form. I feel comfortable that the momentum behind the amendments to this bill are in cyclists favor and will only make it stronger. One step closer

    Just keep Leland Yee distracted, I’m sure he will figure out a way to spin this into a “Police State” issue before all is said and done.

  • Anonymous

    Better yet, email Yee, and be very clear how this is very important for San Francisco residents who are biking in larger and larger numbers. Remeber – he is running for Mayor.

  • mikesonn

    He is running as a voice for the “silent majority” of drivers.

  • Anonymous

    Re: tax cuts for CA car owners. This is unbelievable: public transit users have continued to have fares *raised* (and service cut) and yet motorists — who use the most inefficient, dangerous, and polluting form of transit — are getting a tax break! WTF? Are we this backwards still? I really thought we were making progress towards moving away, however slowly, from a car-biased culture. Is it really going to take utter disaster for us to get our crap together and start thinking about the future? Why can’t we give people discounts on public transit usage instead?

  • Masonic will be the death….

    @mikesonn:disqus  So Leland Yee represents those who drive irresponsibly, and either through negligence, or some other perverted desire, refuse to give cyclists a safe amount of space when passing?


    This bill wouldn’t even be where it is if it weren’t for the actions of a silent majority who refuse to use common sense, and operate there motor vehicle safely.

  • mikesonn

    My comment was made with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.

  • Masonic will be the death….


    Sorry, I should have figured that. But I do think there is some truth to who Leland defends at the expense of other street users. His Camera vote spoke volumes.

  • Alex

    Heh.  I remember the first time the licensing fees got cut.  I got a check from the DMV for $1 and watched as my tuition doubled and classes were cut left and right.  Kudos to Brown for enacting additional cuts on top of the already passed budget.  He really is trying to rebel against Brown Sr., isn’t he?

    Using a vehicle licensing fee to pad the general fund was (and still is) a bit nuts.  OTOH, if we could pass a budget with new driver oriented tax cuts like this, imagine the public transportation funding that could be restored by not enacting them.  Sigh.

  • mikesonn

    No worries. I was saying it jokingly but there is truth that he is out to protect those breaking the law and putting others at risk (the red light vote is case-in-point).