Today’s Headlines

  • MTC Threatens Sanctions Against BART Over Clipper Card Integration (SF Examiner)
  • SF Examiner Questions Use of Disabled Parking Placards by Muni Drivers
  • Witness says Cops Should Not Have Shot Man at BART Station (Bay Citizen)
  • Some Mountain View Electeds “Tepid” on BRT Lanes (Mountain View Patch)
  • VTA Bus and Light-Rail Schedules Changing (Milpitas Post)
  • Pinole “Snubs Regional Planning Agency” (Pinole Patch)
  • CPMC Submits Counter Offer After Slamming Mayor’s Demands (City Insider)
  • Berkeley Set to Loosen Sidewalk Seating Rules (SF Gate)
  • New Novato Path to Give Bicyclists Direct Route Through City (Marin IJ)
  • Silicon Valley Bike Charity Helps Fight Childhood Obesity (Mercury News)
  • Researchers Study Heart Risks of Cyclists in Heavy Traffic (Bike Portland)
  • It’s Barely Possible That a Highway Widening Isn’t the Best Thing for Los Angeles (NYT)

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  • Charles_Siegel

    I’m glad to see that Berkeley is making it easier to add sidewalk seating. 

    The next step is to start adding parklets.  If SF and Oakland are doing it, why not Berkeley?  We can definitely use a parklet in front of the Cheeseboard, where there are now so many people on the sidewalk seating on Saturdays that it is hard to walk by. 

  • mikesonn

    Well, will you look at this. The Civil Grand Jury concludes that the project must be redesigned.

    Over the course of a seven-month investigation, the Jury discovered many problems with the 
    Central Subway plan.  
     It has a pattern of increasing cost estimates.
     San Francisco will be responsible for any cost overruns which could be substantial.
     The addition of a new subway line will add to an existing operating deficit and could 
    stretch the existing maintenance environment to the breaking point.
     There are no plans to address existing problems on the Stockton corridor before project 
     There is no effective transfer to the Muni Metro and BART systems.
     It ignores service to the Financial District.
     It ignores current transportation trends.

  • Is this a miracle of sanity that will allow common sense to prevail, or will it just be ignored, do you think?

    I love the title:  “Too much money for too little benefit.”

    About sums it up.

  • JamesF

    The findings of Civil Grand Juries are routinely ignored. They are something of a joke – a bunch of random self-selected people who give up a series of Monday nights to opine on such matters.

    They may be right in this case, and indeed in Oakland they have just uncovered massive malpractice in their building Code enforcement unit. But the simple fact is that they are advisory only, and have no teeth. so don;t hold your breath that CS will be subverted.