5-year-old Critically Hurt by Driver at 3rd Street and Williams in Bayview

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A 5-year-old boy walking across 3rd Street with his family is in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital after being run over by the driver of a shuttle bus. Here the details the SFPD is choosing to release, from Officer Albie Esparza:

On 9/8/11 at 339PM an auto vs pedestrian collision occurred at 3rd St / Williams St.

A mother was walking south bound on 3rd street (at Williams) from the n/w to s/w corner.  She had one child immediately with her and the second child, a 5 year old male, was trailing behind. The mother and first child made it across the street.  A private shuttle bus that was e/bound Williams at 3rd then made a right turn onto 3rd Street injuring the 5 year old (that was trailing behind) causing injury.  The child was taken to the hospital by ambulance with life threatening injuries.

The shuttle bus reportedly had one passenger who was not injured.  The shuttle bus driver stopped and was cooperating with the investigation.

The incident is being investigated by the SFPD Hit and Run Detail, which by policy, investigates all major injury and / or fatal collisions.  No citations or arrests were made at the time of the incident. Impairment is not suspected.  Cause of the collision has not been determined. NO FURTHER INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE. Please do NOT call or email for updates.

We’ll post more information as we get it.

  • icarus12

    Another intersection, another turning vehicle, another vulnerable pedestrian (child, elderly, or disabled), another terrible injury or death.  It’s not speed that’s killing us, though auto speeds are often too high. It’s the turning.  Maybe we should outlaw turning at red lights.  Or maybe make hitting a pedestrian an automatic insurance liability and jail-worthy offense, regardless of nearly all other circumstances.

  • Andy Chow

    In this specific circumstance, I am wonder whether that 5 year old boy was under the watchful eye of his mother, or whether she was holding his hand. It doesn’t appear so. A 5 year old child is pretty small (which might be very difficult to see) and kids in his age are not old enough to be aware of traffic safety.

    Reasonable drivers don’t want to hit a pedestrian, especially for someone who does it for a living. It is a situation that should be investigated but not overly dramatized.

  • Anonymous

    For the second time today, I have to offer condolences to yet another victim of our car-centric culture. I don’t have enough details to know what happened, but clearly this is sad.

    However, I can say, looking at the google street view, that intersection sucks and absolutely epitomizes the crappy urban design of our car-centric culture. It’s a shame anybody has to try and cross that in the first place.

  • Rhonda

    In New York City drivers are not allowed to make right turns on red.  When you get a red light there, you STOP–no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’d like to see some Singapore-style caning of drivers who hit pedestrians legally walking across the street.

    Right now, DA George Gascon gives a pass for murders even … like the senior citizen murdered by the bicyclist who hit her on The Embarcadero after running the red traffic light.

    No wonder drivers are out of control – not even a slap on the hand for killing pedestrians in San Francisco.  Pathetic.

  • Davistrain

    Not to minimize the tragedy, but two of the recent pedestrian injuries/fatalities in San Francisco involved transit vehicles rather than private autos, so even encouraging people to leave the car at home and ride a bus isn’t a cure-all.  The “No Turn on Red” restriction would be appropriate for congested areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.  I’ve been visiting some older cities in New York and New England for the past few weeks and find these signs quite common on streets that were laid out in the horse-and-buggy days.

  • Sprague

    I agree that our car-centric culture is inflicting unnecessary harm, especially on the most vulnerable amongst us.  The idea of banning right turns on red lights (especially at intersections with heavy pedestrian traffic) would do a lot to increase safety for pedestrians as well as calm traffic.  Wishing the young boy and his family all the best…

  • Anonymous

    A sad story, bjt it sounds as if the mother was negligently letting a 5 year old boy trail behind her while crossing the street. If he had been holding his hand this would not have happened.

    Don’t see how it’s the shuttle driver’s fault. He saw the mother and the first child cross amd probably thought the intersection was clear gor him to proceed. I doubt he could even see the child.

  • mikesonn

    @pchazzz:disqus & @014d815e337305dccb0b861fe6cdb3e3:disqus : Stay classy.