VTA’s Vision for Bus Rapid Transit on El Camino Real

A new video from the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) lays out the vision for transforming El Camino Real into a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor connecting the Palo Alto Transit Center and Downtown San Jose.

It’s part of VTA’s Valley Rapid project, a set of three BRT routes planned in Santa Clara County. The El Camino project will speed up the 522 bus line with transit-priority features as the Grand Boulevard Initiative revamps the corridor into a more walkable environment.

The project is expected to begin service in July 2016, the same year San Francisco’s first BRT route is set to open on Van Ness Avenue.

Check out the website for more details.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a cute, well-done video.  Definitely pie-in-the-sky (El Camino is a long way from Paris), but still nicely done.  I just wish they didn’t have two people calling it “the El Camino”.

    Also, Aiko!  I’m taking a class with her!

  • The website says there will be “Dedicated Lanes in some segments – The BRT vehicles would travel in dedicated median busway,
    separated from traffic to improve travel time.  Segments most
    likely to have dedicated BRT lanes are under study.”

    Folks, if it doesn’t have dedicated lanes, you can’t call it BRT! If this project has dedicated lanes for 90% of the route, it could be a huge improvement. But if it watered down to just be an improved limited-stop bus, like the Metro Rapid buses in Los Angeles, it will fall short of these goals, and continue to give BRT a bad name in this country.

  • Well done video.  I wish one day we have such BRT lanes all the way from San Jose to Ferry Plaza along El Camino Real/Mission St. corridor!

    Anyway, great improvement from the existing 522, which still takes forever to get anywhere (never try the 22 before)

  • i think it’s excellent that we have our most progressive thinkers planning dedicated bus lanes on our most important corridors to the exclusion of dedicated bike lanes. i’ll drink to that. no better way to lock in dependence on motorized transport.

  • David John

    The video tells about transforming the  El Camino Real into a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor . Is it viable. Kuala Lumpur to Singapore


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