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The Impact of Poor Muni Service on Transit-Dependent San Franciscans

A new video from People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) highlights the impact of unreliable and unaffordable transit on low-income San Franciscans who rely on Muni.

In San Francisco, “transportation is a dividing line of access and opportunity for African American, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander communities who have the highest transit dependency in the city,” writes POWER [1]. The group is campaigning “to shift local, regional and national mass transit priorities towards the needs of working class communities of color and to bring an analysis of race, class, and gender to bear on transportation planning decisions.” They have also called on the SFMTA [2] to distribute free Muni passes to low-income youth [3] who lack transportation options to school.

While the SFMTA has struggled [4] to find funding for such a program, SFMTA board member Joel Ramos has suggested that the revenue could be come from extending parking meter hours [5].

Thanks to Fran Taylor for the video.