Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Kills David Hanna, 27, On Hwy 280 in Daly City (BCN via SF ExaminerBCN via NBC)
  • Driver Suspected of DUI After Hitting Woman on Bike in Petaluma (Press Democrat)
  • Man Who Drove Into Muni Tunnel Last Month Pleads Not Guilty To DUI Charges (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Neighbors Adopt Street Corners to Help SFMTA Improve Pedestrian Safety (SF Examiner)
  • Salon Asks: Should It Take Decades to Build a Subway?
  • City to Start Spending $248M Street Repaving Bond, Starting With 17th Street (ABC 7)
  • SF’s Parking Meter Costs Among the Highest (City Insider)
  • America’s Cup People Plan Up for Vote at SFMTA Board (SF Examiner)
  • Taxicab Hearings Held to Work Toward Fixing Problems in SF (SF Examiner)

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  • mikesonn
  • 94103er

    Don’t forget the San Francisco Suburbs’ Chronicle’s screaming front-page headline story yesterday–

    “…[O]ther camera foes also insist that rolling a red light on a right turn, also known as making a Hollywood stop,’ is not as dangerous as other violations – even though the vast majority of tickets given by most red-light cameras are for that violation.
    One recent study in South San Francisco, cited in the Legislature during a 2010 debate over the issue, found that 98 percent of its tickets at one red-light camera were for rolling right turns.”

    Kevin Fagan, you couldn’t poll a single guy on the street to tell you why this is so laughably appalling? I bet he never walks anywhere. I also bet that, if he has kids, he’s rather just drive them everywhere than think about why stopping and looking before a right-on-red isn’t just polite–it means the difference between seeing a short person or a runner crossing the street and hitting him.

  • 17th is a very good choice for starting the repaving. Sure we got a bike lane there but the pavement is like Beirut.

  • Anonymous

    From this site’s “This Week in Livable Streets”: “The SFMTA has just announced changes to the long-awaited
    community-based design for Cesar Chavez between Bryant Street and
    Hampshire Street. Caltrans, the State Department of Transportation, is
    now requiring an additional vehicle travel lane on Cesar Chavez between
    Bryant Street and York Street, forcing the loss of on-street car parking
    on the south side of the street in that section. Attend a community
    meeting to hear more about how those decisions were made and ask
    questions of the city team.”

    This is big news. Streetsblog: can we get more on this? Keeping an extra lane of traffic hugely alters the whole point of traffic calming. Plus, I’m worried the car-centric powers-that-be will step in and somehow squeeze the bike lanes out in the name of keeping the parking lane.

  • mikesonn

    RE: “SF’s Parking Meter Costs Among the Highest”


    “Rest of Nation’s Parking Meter Costs Extremely Under-Priced”

  • Good find, @jd_x:disqus. Would also like to see Streetsblog get more info, if possible. I would note that Bryant and York is one block, so it’s at least not a huge stretch- still prefer to keep the original design, though.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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