Outside Lands Bike Cruise in Golden Gate Park

Come learn the history of the Park, formerly part of the Outside Lands. The term “Outside Lands” became popular when a music festival took the name, but what did it originally mean?

We’ll ride from site to site, within Golden Gate Park, in a freeform discussion of history, culture and urban expansion. We’ll celebrate the spot that almost became a multilane freeway. We’ll visit what was once the main entertainment center of San Francisco — now tennis courts. We’ll learn how car culture replaced horse and carriage, how Golden Gate Park grew from open dunes into fantastic gardens.

Find out how the dunes were tamed, and where the grand bridges rusted away. Oh, and did you know there’s an eleventh century monastery in the Park?

Bring your bike and come explore!

Rain doesn’t necessarily cancel. Check here to see exact weather by the minute as it approaches!

Feel free to call if you have questions.

RSVPs welcome but not required. Snacks will be provided.

Joel at Thinkwalks


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