Eyes on the Street: More Progress on JFK Drive Parking-Protected Bikeway

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The bike lane and the parking lane will soon swap sides around this ladder-shaped striping, which outlines the future buffer zone of the JFK Drive bikeway. Photos: Aaron Bialick

Crews have placed preliminary road markings for the coming re-design of JFK Drive in front of the Conservatory of Flowers.

Next month, JFK will become the first street in San Francisco where cyclists are protected from moving traffic by parked cars. The markings, for the time being, give bicyclists a teaser of how the protected bikeway will look, with the traffic pattern remaining the same for now.

Over the past few weeks, crews have been adjusting storm drains, adding curb ramps, and removing road stripes on JFK in preparation for the re-design. The project should be completed just before the city’s first on-street, two-way protected bikeway debuts in the southeastern neighborhoods.

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A view of how the parking-protected bike lane will be arranged. Image: SFMTA

When the re-design goes into effect, these cars will park to the left of the cross-hatched area, where the woman is riding, and bicyclists will ride to the right of it along the curb.

Preliminary markings delineate the "mixing zones" at intersections, where right-turning drivers will enter the bike lane and yield to bicyclists on approach.

A view from the future bike lane approaching the mixing zone.