New Car-Free GG Park Sunday Streets Route Kicks Off This Weekend

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Head out to the Avenues for some car-free action this weekend at Sunday Streets in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway. Don’t forget: the route through Golden Gate Park is slightly different this year. At Transverse Drive, the route switches over from John F. Kennedy Drive to Martin Luther King along the western section.

Activities in the park include the intriguingly named “Roller Soccer International,” Purusha Yoga, a YMCA program for kids, and of course, the regular swing classes and musical skating area on JFK Drive. At Lincoln Way and Great Highway, you’ll find free bike rentals and repairs, the SF Bike Coalition’s Freedom From Training Wheels classes, and booths representing other local organizations and businesses. Along the coast: more music, dance, and kids’ activities.

Here’s hoping the beautiful forecast holds out.

Check out a map and full list of activities after the break. See you out there!

  • Why again did they switch routes from the freshly paved JFK to MLK? 

  • mikesonn

    Maybe so the cycling community can get the city to repave MLK while the cars get to work on destroying the fresh pavement on JFK.

  • My understanding was that this route involves less street closures and is therefore less expensive as an event. I enjoyed the change in route, but my preference would be variety. Why not have one Sunday Streets for each route?