East Bay BRT EIR Approved, Final Agreements Set for June

Image via ##http://transformca.org/bay-area-transportation/brt/east-bay##TransForm##

Bus rapid transit (BRT) between Oakland and San Leandro in the East Bay cleared a major hurdle this week after AC Transit unanimously approved the project’s environmental impact report. Agreements with the cities of Oakland and San Leandro must still be finalized in June before the project can officially break ground.

“This plan represents a big step in making bus service significantly better in the East Bay,” said Marta Lindsey, communications director for TransForm. “But it’s also a big step for the entire Bay Area, as it will showcase what’s possible: faster, more reliable, and more frequent buses – plus a better experience for riders all-around and at an incredible value.”

Marta noted that East Bay BRT has the highest cost-efficiency rating from the Federal Transit Administration of any public transportation project in the nation currently competing for federal funds.

The full Oakland-to-Berkeley corridor won’t get true BRT after merchants in Berkeley complained about losing car parking to dedicated bus lanes. But this section will bring substantial benefits on its own: 22 community organizations have signed a letter [PDF] cheering the estimated 39 percent improvement in travel times, 300+ jobs, and transit-oriented growth the project is expected to bring along the International Boulevard corridor.

  • mikesonn

    Couple things. First, Berkeley FAIL. Second, I hope that a fenced in parking lot isn’t going to stay directly across the street from a stop.

  •  @ Mike: There’s an app for that! Err…a plan anyway. See page 275 of the PDF of this document:

  • Pretty irritating that this won’t help Telegraph at all.  Stupid ex-hippies.  Telegraph is ripe for a street diet including dedicated bus lanes.

    By the way, looks like ACT is buying brand new doors-on-the-left rolling stock.  $$$?

  • NoeValleyJim

    Who are the Berkeley merchants who complained? I will make sure and stop shopping at them.

  • Casey

    WTF? So this does not go down Telegraph at all, even in Oakland? I was under the assumption that was on the table and likely. Telegraph needs major rehab soon anyway, I hope this section gets a second look.

  • Anonymous

    Here is your list of merchants.

  • yes — automobility set for at least another generation. good work, brt proponents.