Today’s Headlines

  • 20 Percent Bike Trips by 2020: What’s Holding SF Back? (SFBG)
  • Get Ready for Bike to Work Day Tomorrow (SF Examiner, East Bay Express)
  • The Bold Italic Showcases Some of SF’s Emerging Bicycle Delivery Businesses
  • Concord Girl Seriously Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver (KTVUCoCo Times)
  • Albany Woman, 66, Killed by Truck Driver (Albany Patch)
  • East Bay BRT Faces Challenges at Oakland City Council in June (East Bay Express)
  • Oakland City Council Approves Bike Lane Projects Removing Parking and Traffic Lanes (EBBC)
  • Advocates Point to Successful Marin Bike/Ped Paths at Congressional Transpo Bill Hearing (SFGate)
  • One Year Later: What Bay Area Leaders Took Away From NL Bike Infrastructure Tour (Beyond Chron)
  • Early Education in the Netherlands Key to Improving Cyclist-Driver Relations (Atlantic Cities)
  • Carpools Drop on Bay Area Bridges After Toll (SF Examiner)
  • Roadshow: Setting the Record Straight on Road Rules for Motorists, Bicycle Riders (Mercury News)

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  • New study shows commuting by car drives up weight and blood pressure:

    ” ‘Previous studies have pointed to daily exposure to traffic, particularly the unpredictability of traffic, as being a source of chronic stress,’ said Hoehner, describing how frustration can send blood pressure through the roof. ‘Our study is the first to show that long commutes are associated with higher weight, lower fitness levels and higher blood pressure, all of which are strong predictors of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.’

    ” . . . A 2011 study of 21,000 Swedish workers found those who commuted by car or public transit reported more stress, exhaustion and missed work days than those who walked or bicycled to work. But few American cities are built for active commuters.

    ” ‘We’ve engineered physical activity out of our lives,’ said Hoehner. ‘We need to change our communities and make improvements to the infrastructure to make the healthy choice the easy choice.’ “

  • Anonymous

    The CoCo times story really downplays the horror of the hit and run in Concord on 6th street, a 25 MPH residential street, admittedly a 40′ wide one.  The girl was dragged by the lifted pickup truck for nearly 1/4 mile and suffered a partially severed foot.  She is likely to face a lifetime of at least moderate pain and disability due to this collision. 

    As usual, has good coverage of the accident.


  • mikesonn
  • mikesonn

    How did an officer see this happen and they don’t know which way the cyclist was riding or have way more info on the crash? Something doesn’t add up.

  • RE Roadshow:

    Isnt this blatantly false?

    Talking about crosswalks

    And, adds Tom-The-Alameda-County-Deputy:”A
    bicyclist does not have the right of way. They are required to stop and
    only proceed when safe to do so. Most bicyclists feel the right of way
    is automatically theirs; this is not the case. They must exercise
    caution when crossing the roadway from a stop sign.”No, cars must yield and stop for crosswalk users.


Today’s Headlines

Driver Hits Jogging Woman at Pine and Grant; SFPD: “He Didn’t Have Time to Avoid Her” (SFGate) Bay Area Bike Share Data Now Online: 100k Trips in 2013, Mostly in SF (Examiner, Appeal, SFGate) Oakland City Council Votes to Re-Instate Two Traffic Lanes at Latham Square (CoCo, Oak Local) Lyft Driver Parked in Crosswalk, at […]

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Warriors Unveil New Mission Bay Arena Design With 950 Parking Spaces (SF Appeal, Mercury News) Transbay Center Retail Hub Expected to Be an Amenity for Transit Riders, Bring Revenue (SFGate, Biz) Uber Driver Was Not Using Uber When He Killed 6-Year-Old Sofia Liu, Says His Lawyer (NBC, Examiner) Public Space-Starved Tenderloin’s Boedekker Park Reopens After Two-Year Makeover (NBC) SFMTA Looks […]

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$942M Central Subway Grant Signed by President, Headed to Congress for Approval (SF Examiner) Solo Driver Assemblywoman Fiona Ma Doesn’t Like HOV Lane on I-80, Drafts Bill Against It (SFGate) SFMTA Board Lets Taxi Drivers Sell Permits, Ignoring Long-Standing Wait List (SFGate, SF Examiner) How SF Families Bike for Transportation (Bay Citizen) SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum […]

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BART Announces Parking Fee Increases at Nine East Bay Stations (SF Weekly) City to Start Collecting Taxes on Rented-Out Residential Parking Spaces (SF Weekly) Board of Supes Approves Parking-Lot-to-Park Deal for Noe Valley (Noe Valley SF) Driver Crashes Into House in Bayview (SF Appeal) Stanley Roberts Catches Bay Bridge-Bound Drivers “Breaking Just About Every Rule in the […]

Today’s Headlines

Couple Arrested in NYE Ped Hit-and-Run in Tenderloin; Second Driver Still Sought (KTVU, SF Weekly) More SFFD Opposition to Bulb-Outs: SFMTA Approves Safety Plan at Portola School (SF Examiner) Firm Proposes New Design for Planted Bulb-Outs in SF (Fast Co.) SF Examiner: Finger-Pointing Won’t Curb Pedestrian Injuries Environment Commission to Discuss SFMTA Plan to Charge Shuttle […]

Today’s Headlines

Aging BART Car Maintenance Requiring 24-Hour Operation (CBS 5) Firm Say Billboards Could Earn BART Up to $10 Million a Year (SF Examiner) Hybrid Taxis Exceed Emissions Goal (SF Examiner) SF Weekly Editor Not Concerned With Drivers Who Kill in Condemning Embarcadero Cyclist SFPD Posts Video of Mission Bike Thief (Mission Local) Muni Driver Attacked by Man […]