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  • Bikes and Business, a New and Evolving Union in SF (SFBG)
  • Port Commission OKs 8 Washington, Opponents Claim “Backroom Dealing” (City InsiderCurbedSF)
  • Muni Fast Passes to Increase $2 With Inflation (Public Press)
  • Lots to Do at Mission Sunday Streets This Weekend (Bike About Town)
  • Muni Diaries Wants to Hear About Your Commute During the “Long Shutdown”
  • Green Lane Project Kicks Off in Chicago (Alternet)
  • Palo Alto Commission Approves Caltrain Study of Crossing Improvements (Palo Alto Online)
  • Man Struck, Killed by Caltrain in San Mateo, 8th Fatality This Year (The AlmanacAP via KTVU)
  • San Jose Hit-and-Run Driver Charged with Murder (
  • Berkeley City Council Endorses $8B Measure B Transpo Plan (Berkeleyside)
  • “The Spokesman” Examines the Bicycle Helmet Debate (SF Weekly)
  • Report: Center-Lane BRT Can Save Lives (The City Fix)

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  • SFPD was out at Octavia and Grove again ticketing cyclists who didn’t stop at the sign. 

    I stopped and chatted with them for a few minutes between writing citations. Evidently they’re there because it is a blind corner but also because someone complained. So the latter is probably why they’re there. And one of the officers, to her credit, did seem genuine when she said that they hate being out there doing citations.

    I did suggest a couple other intersections — 2nd and Folsom and Howard and Hawthorne which seemed more worthy of some attention.

  • mikesonn

    How did they take your suggestion?

  • @mikesonn:disqus They were very friendly, and seemed more interested in doing it where it might matter vs. being out there because someone called in the intersection.

    I got a strong sense that this isn’t what they wanted to be doing.

  • mikesonn

    I wonder if there is a way to talk to the station captain and request if they are going to follow the lead of a single complaint, then they should weigh the intersections in the area (around the complaint if they must adhere to it) and pick the one that will actually do the most good.

  • That might be the best one for their district in that area*  — the ones I suggested to her are in another one so I think the best she can do is forward it on to that station. 

    If all it takes is one complaint then I think we need to start calling in problem intersections where motorists frequently commit violations (everywhere?). Awfully tit for tat but maybe that’s what we’ve got to do if the SFPD can’t or won’t use their judgment and use their limited resources to enforce where there’s the greatest potential for harm.

    *Their rationale for the corner was that it is blind and on a Muni stop.

  • VCS

    They should put a cop at Duboce & Church by the Muni construction project. Tons of bikers are riding on the narrow sidewalk. 

    (There is a PCO near there, but I don’t think those people are physically capable of moving away from their carts.)

  •  If I were voting it would be the marked crosswalk at 9th and Division. There are a surprising number of pedestrians who use this crosswalk, and they are subject to all sorts of hassle from motorists and cyclists. The primary offenders are in fact the cyclists, frequently the view of pedestrians from the left is obscured by cars stopped on the left side of the road – but if a car is stopped, that means there is a pedestrian crossing.

    This would actually be useful in that people causing actual problems would be ticketed, and it would be educational because a lot of the “scofflaws” wouldn’t even have a clue what it was they did wrong.

  • GL

    MTA and SFPD should really be collaborating on determining what intersections are truly most in need of enforcement focus (whether for autos or bikes). It sounds like some folks in SFPD might even be open to a more reasonable approach.

  • A bit north of the intersection (in Fairfax, Marin, actually) cops were ticketing drivers who violated a pedestrian’s right-of-way at an unsignalized intersection.  It was actually an undercover officer acting as the pedestrian, and they got eight citations in two hours that way.

    Perhaps SF ought to consider something similar.


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