Today’s Headlines

  • Car-Free Market Street Definitely On the Table (SFGate)
  • SFMTA Adding Green Dashed Bike Lane Treatments, Including at Grove and Polk (@SanFranciscoize)
  • In a Moment of “Insanity,” John King Muses: “Bring Back the Embarcadero Freeway!” (SFGate)
  • Downtown San Jose Begins Adding Bike Lanes (Mercury News)
  • SFMTA, FEMA Differ on How $5 Million Anti-Terror Grant Ended Up Used for Repairs (SF Weekly)
  • SF Public Press Series Continues: “Why Smart Growth” Prevents “A World of Hurt” as More People Arrive
  • The American Dream: Phase II — Beyond Sprawl (NYT)
  • Family of Woman Hospitalized by DUI Driver at Van Ness and Vallejo Comes Forward (BCN via Appeal)
  • The State of Bicycling in Central Contra Costa County (San Franciscoize)
  • SFMTA Unveils New Logo (City Insider)
  • SFMTA to Issue Temporary Taxi Permits For Big Weekend Events (SF Examiner)
  • Roadshow: What’s the Rule on Drivers Stopping For Pedestrians Crossing Wide Streets?

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  • I got this in an email from my yoga studio at 20th/Mission — has anyone heard anything about this? Scary stuff. 

    “Cyclist AlertIf you ride a bike in the Mission, please be advised that there has been a string of attacks against cyclists on Shotwell & Capp Streets.  The modus operandi of the assailants is to hide between parked cars and shove a broomstick into the wheels of oncoming bikes.  After that, the thieves take the wallet and keys of the cyclist and head to the victim’s house to steal valuables.  Please BE AWARE of your surroundings at all times.  Also remember that there is safety in numbers, so please bike or walk on busier streets with bike lanes (such as Folsom or South Van Ness). “

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s disturbing. If this is true, the cops should be all over this, not just because of the theft, but a cyclist is eventually going to get hurt really bad ….

  • Davistrain

    Regarding banning private autos from Market St. to revitalize the “Mid Market” area: several commentors mentioned that as long as the “winos and weirdos” infest that part of town, it’s not going to be an attractive place for either tourists or locals to visit/shop/enjoy the outdoors.

  • mikesonn

    It’s SFGate, why even read the comments?

  • mikesonn

    John King should be introduced to congestion pricing. Why make downtown SF into a parking lot for the benefit of the suburbs?

    Courious, is Miller McClintock Rob Anderson’s uncle?

  • The “head to the victim’s house” bit says to me that this isn’t legit.  People are often mugged and don’t have someone try to walk into their house.

    Don’t see anything like that on the site, but maybe you’d need to subscribe to the email newsletter

  • ubringliten

    Just put down a few beat cops and the area is solved.  I met two cops on bikes in Mission Bay and I asked them why were they on bikes instead of cars.  They say it’s easier to maneuver during traffic especially during Giants games.

  • It almost sounds like someone who doesn’t want cyclists riding on Shotwell and Capp coming up with a scare tactic to dissuade people from riding there.

  • Anonymous

    @b9079a2928b221307247ecba46d1ed0f:disqus It’s a catch-22: the “winos and weirdos” are there because it’s not an attractive place, and it’s not an attractive place because of them. So the onus is on the government to break this cycle. That means incentivizing development that will slowly make the place less attractive for the “winos and weirdos” which in turn will make it more attractive to development, etc, etc.

  • Anonymous

    @twitter-16092713:disqus Sounds like the best way to investigate this further is to ask your yoga studio where they got their information and take it from there.

  • Abe

    Re: Car-free Market Street

    “‘There really isn’t a need for private (car) traffic on Market Street like there is on Van Ness or Geary,’ [Heinicke] said.”

    Good poin–WHAAAA?

    We need private cars on Van Ness and Geary? News to me. What happens if we don’t have enough cars on Van Ness or Geary?

  • While walking to Farmer Brown’s one night (1-2 years ago) I passed 2 police officers addressing a somewhat scruffy male citizen who was sitting/passed out against the Payless ShoeSource building with a paper-wropped bottle in his hand.  “Come on buddy, you can’t stay here. The Tenderloin is just around the corner.”

    All you need to do is push the undesirables out of sight, then it becomes Someody Else’s Problem.  (And please NIMBY!)

  • @jd_x:disqus will do, and will let you know if I hear anything


Today’s Headlines

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