SFMTA Adds More Green Treatments to Bike Lane Merging Zones

Division at 9th Street. Photo: ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfbike/7415733514/in/photostream##SFBC/Flickr##

The SFMTA recently added green paint to increase the visibility of bike lanes around the city at five intersections where drivers merge across bicycle traffic.

The SF Bicycle Coalition’s Flickr page features the new treatments at the intersections of Division and 9th Streets, Grove and Polk Streets, and the Embarcadero at Bryant Street. The SFBC also said they spotted the treatment at Howard and 9th, and Streetsblog SF founding editor Bryan Goebel snapped a photo of one on eastbound Market Street at Buchanan (across the street from the entrance to the Wiggle).

An SFMTA document [PDF] says the agency chose the locations to evaluate how the treatments affect merging behavior as drivers cross over bike lanes into right-turn lanes.

Check out more photos after the break.

Embarcadero and Bryant. Photo: ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfbike/7415730896/in/set-72157630225996038##SFBC/Flickr##
Grove and Polk (at City Hall). Photo: ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfbike/7415732066/in/set-72157630225996038##SFBC/Flickr##
Market and Buchanan. Photo: Bryan Goebel
  • mikesonn

    I like this. Thank you SFBC.

    However, I just can’t get over how much of our city is paved over. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Chavez at Evans, and at the 101 NB entrance please.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. Seriously. That new crossover sucks. It’s like drivers are so self-absorbed that, when there is a cyclist in the bike lane about to hit that crossover, they don’t seem to understand that the cyclist is going to be following that painted lane across their travel lane. It’s like they completely ignore (don’t see?) the bike lane going across their travel lane. And then those damn trucks taking the right turn from eastbound Chavez to Evans almost take out any cyclists waiting at the light. They really have to do something about that. I love the new bike lanes … except this part.

    Okay, and also the part heading westbound on Chavez right before the freeway, where they recently added a dotted bike lane that shows it splitting the traffic heading straight on Chavez on that turning right onto the freeway. They got to be *kidding* to think I am going to put myself there. I would much rather just take a chance getting right-hooked than getting slammed into from behind by a car doing 40 mph. I really hope they are planning on doing something better with the bike lane when they repave the road, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Anonymous

    Green lanes on Division?  I thought the poo had molded over.

  • Anonymous

    They need to install some of these green markers for the left turn from the Embarcadero to North Point.

  • Bruce Halperin

    I always ride onto the sidewalk and cross as a pedestrian there.


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