Sunday Parking Meter Enforcement to Begin January 6

Parking meters in San Francisco will be enforced on Sundays starting January 6, 2013, confirms SF Municipal Transportation Agency spokesperson Paul Rose.

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The meters will be in effect from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. As the SF Chronicle reported today, the SFMTA will also pilot an extension of meter hours in the evening around the Giants ballpark until 10 p.m. starting next spring after SFPark meters are installed in Mission Bay.

Enforcing parking meters on Sundays is expected to reduce the number of drivers circling for parking by increasing turnover during periods of high demand. Parking meter hours in San Francisco basically haven’t changed since 1947, when most businesses weren’t open on Sundays or after 6 p.m., and demand was low.

Today, a car owner can occupy a commercial parking spot for free from Saturday at 6 p.m. until Monday morning, forcing driving customers to cruise around for another available space. Ending the once-a-week parking giveaway is expected to increase turnover for businesses and reduce the congestion, pollution, and noise commonly seen in business districts each Sunday.

Coincidentally, yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the day the country’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City.

The official go-ahead for metered parking on Sundays still requires approval of the citywide fiscal year 2012-2013 budget from the Board of Supervisors, which is expected next Tuesday. The SFMTA budget was approved by the Budget and Finance Committee in May, and initial board approval of the citywide budget is scheduled for today.

  • mikesonn


  • Alex

    Bullshit! I park in SF all the time, and there’s always plenty of spots available on Sunday, even in the busiest neighborhoods. Most people actually don’t park their cars overnight Saturday and all day Sunday, and let’s be honest, the city governance couldn’t care less about how many times you have to circle the block before you find a parking spot. What this is really about is stuffing their pockets with more parking ticket revenue, as if those outrageous parking fees weren’t enough! Now, what this is actually going to do is deter suburban dwellers from coming to the city to shop on Sundays, hurting local SF businesses. As usual, city officials expose themselves for the short-sighted, greedy pricks that they are!

  • Joel

    Would you mind telling me where these spots are?

  • Anonymous

    There was an interesting radio program the other week which I think offers something to think about regarding parking meter policies:

  • Anonymous

     As someone from the peninsula who comes to the city occasionally by car, I love the new SF Park system.  I may pay more than when I used to feed coins to the meters, but I’ve found great streetside parking spots much quicker and easier than expected.

  • Sprague

    Muni ain’t free on Sundays; why should parking be?

  • Here’s a little known fact / protip with respect to “outrageous” parking fees: if you don’t overstay the meter you won’t get one.

  • howardtaft

     Sean:  I think they are referring to Meter costs.  Which are pretty darn high.  When you come from somewhere where 25 cents gets you an hour (tourist’s home towns) and you are charged $3 an hour (in quarters) it is pretty shocking.  
    Thankfully more and more meters take credit cards so we don’t have to have rolls of quarters in the car.

  • jjsmack

    Parking tickets are voluntary – read the signs, pay the meter and don’t overstay. An eighth grader could figure it out. What’s so hard about that? I’ve never understood when people complain about getting tickets. It’s not as though you get them for following the rules. Same goes for speeding tickets.

  • mikesonn

    Free (or 25 cents/hr) parking is ample parking in a place that not many people want to go, probably because it has ample parking.

    $3+/hr for parking is in a place with limited parking that many people want to visit, probably because it has limited parking.

  • Carsarepeopletoo

    Just keep the tickets flowing on all those bikers breaking the law at The Wiggle flying thru stop signs. Police are doing a great job cracking down. Fines should be higher, much higher. 

  • Sdf

    SF has the most expensive meters in the country yet it has the worse roads. Will need soon an SUV to drive through downtown area.

  • This will help kill the bar and restaurant scene near the stadium.  So unbelievably stupid, the city will lose more in tax dollars than it raises in meter fees.

  • By the way, has everyone lost sight of the fact that parking along the streets should be FREEEEE!!!!!!  We paid for the streets with our tax dollars, we should be able to use them for FREEEE.

  • Abe

    Please don’t drive through the downtown area.

  • Abe

    Define “we.” I paid for the roads too, and I don’t own or use a car.

  • K Anne Rosa

    Space is a premium in SF; why on earth is anyone entitled to free parking?

  • mikesonn

    This won’t even dent the bar/restaurant scene. But more importantly, why would the city continue to promote drunk driving by offering cheap parking?

  • Charles_Siegel

    “the city governance couldn’t care less about how many times you have to
    circle the block before you find a parking spot. What this is really
    about is stuffing their pockets with more parking ticket revenue”

    The city government is greedy, while commenter Alex is a selfless soul who is only concerned with the public good. 

    Please do not believe that Alex is motivated by his desire to stuff his pockets with money he saves from getting free parking at the expense of all the rest of us.

  • nathaniel

    I’ve always been baffled why free residential parking is available at all anywhere, especially in a place at dense as San Francisco? Taken out of the context of social normality, it really doesn’t make any sense to give a subset of people access to so much public space where they can keep several tons worth of their personal possessions. This is a great step in the right direction. 

  • HoJo

    Nathaniel, the problem is if the meters are in a residential area. Daytime meters aren’t so bad then because you’re at work. But having to feed the meter just to park on your own block evenings or Sundays gets peopoe riled.

    If we’re going to charge to park where people live, rather than commercial area’s, then I’d prefer to see the hours for residential permits extended. For instance, on my block, you need a permit until 8pm weekdays. Better that than having to feed a meter just to park outside your own home.

  • mikesonn

    It’s “better” because a residential parking permit comes out to about 25 cents per day.

  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight – because of $3 in parking, someone is not going to spend $15 round trip in gas and a $4 toll to come to SF from Walnut Creek?

  • Sebraleaves

    People who disagree with the Sunday parking should complain between now and Tuesday. 

  • Darahmac

    I’m all for less pollution in the air and less traffic, but if the city wants to accomplish they need to provide more public transportation. The only reason I would drive and park on Sundays because I don’t want to wait around for the owl, which only comes around every hour.

  • SF

    They need money!!! You guys rather pay for parking meter on Sunday or the increase of income tax? Either way. 

  • Bangbang1234

    Every one will go outside of SF with free parking , many small business will lost more business , what a Greedy City 

  • Gneiss

    The Haight Street Market recently took two parking spaces in front of their store and built a parklet.  They understand that most of their customers arrive by walking, not by car.  Reclaiming public space that two vehicles occupied for long periods of time for space where dozens can sit and enjoy the products sold at the store is good business, while wasting it on car storage is not.

  • It cost 10 bucks rouhd trip from WCR for Bart- so your number are off. Further, it’s 25 miles from WCR to the city – gas would actually be about 10 at most.

    I don’t think anyone would come to the city on Sunday for two hours only – they come
    for the day parking in many neighborhoods is now $3.

    On priniciple alone people will avoid the city…. parkng shouldn’t be inforced on Sunday

  • Dfsdfsdfdsfs

    they better lower busfare fee or something 

  • Guest

    not likely since they just raised it not too long ago :/

  • Asdf

    the stadium has so much public transportation connecting to it driving to the stadium is a waste of gas unless you’re coming from outside of the bay area



  • Dan

    All the people with handicape parking permits (which you know lots of them aren’t).

  • mikesonn

    Care to expand on why this is “gunna be worse”? Metering allows for turn over which will provide you with a parking space so you don’t have to circle.

  • Anonymous

    @7583d677831b76409ac581a0a4cb48dd:disqus You sound like you should try driving a lot less, maybe even going car-free. Sounds like the whole parking thing isn’t your cup of tea.

  • Anonymous

    @yahoo-2J2S5LDR7OCRCGP4ZNAVE7N75Q:disqus Every single time the city makes a change to any transit infrastructure in the city, there’s always a chorus of people who say this will be the end of SF, everybody will move out, no tourists will come. And yet, year after year, more people want to live in SF and more tourists keep coming.

  • mikesonn

    @jd_x:disqus San Francisco is too crowded, no one will go there anymore.

  • Gneiss

    That sounds like a quote from Yogi Berra (from the Yogi Book) “On why he no longer went to Ruggeri’s, a St. Louis restaurant: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

  • you guys keep saying we should drive less, but do you know how frustrating it is to deal with muni? 

  • Yes. My wife got an e-bike a year ago and now there’s one less MUNI rider. Her commute (one way) went from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, and now it’s a lot easier to do errands, on the way home, etc. BTW, do you know how frustrating it is to deal with parking?

  • Romney nailed it. 47% of people think the taxpayers owe them free parking.

  • mikesonn

    But do you know how frustrating it is to be on Muni and to deal with drivers using the bus only lane, double parking, using the bus stop for “free parking”, etc?

  • Anonymous

    No double parking for religious places. If they can double-park for free on Sunday, then so should I.

  • SFSucks

    Just another nail in the coffin of San FranFeeCo. The meters are to generate revenue, end of story….everything else is BS.  The city is broke but now they will hire more ticket people at $80k per year to write tickets… days are numbered here, enjoy the collapse of this poor lib broken city.

  • The streets are paid for by taxpayers at great expense. They’re not free, and taxpayers don’t owe you free parking. Sorry. Good luck.

  • David Baker

    Good luck out there in the real world. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • David Baker

    MUNI might be slow but it’s inexpensive.  A month long MUNI pass is the cost of a single parking ticket.

  • David Baker

    Actually if you figure in depreciation the cost of tat trip to Walnut Creek is over $50 (over time a car costs about $1 a mile, really, I know that’s hard to believe but the AAA and the IRS value it at at least that rate).

  • David Baker

    I’d be happy to keep free Sunday parking if we made MUNI free on Sundays.