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Which Street Improvements Will Prop B Fund? Preliminary List Emerges

[1]A list of pedestrian, bicycle, and transit projects that could be boosted by the voter-approved Prop B Street Improvement Bond [2] is making its way through the city legislature, revealing how the $50 million dedicated to streetscape improvements may be divvied up.

The projects — which would add safety improvements like pedestrian bulb-outs and islands, crosswalks, new or upgraded bike lanes, and more throughout the city — are listed by district, and many (but not all) have timetables attached. Some projects may sound familiar, like the Fell and Oak bikeway and pedestrian improvement [3] project (slated to receive $1,100,000 in bond funds), while many others are still in their nascent stages, with few details available.

Streetsblog reported yesterday [4], Polk Street would benefit from roughly $5.5 million towards two projects: a protected contra-flow bike lane as well as a larger streetscape makeover.

The list was approved last week by the SF Capital Planning Committee [5] and must still go to the Board of Supervisors. The next bond sale would distribute the funds in March 2013, according to a committee presentation [PDF [6]].


Schedule of some streetscape projects that would receive Prop B funds (click for PDF).

See the more details on the Prop B streetscape project list after the break.


Streetscape projects by location and amount of funding (click for PDF).


List of streetscape projects by district, subdivided by projects combined with re-pavings (click for PDF).


List of streetscape projects coordinated with re-pavings, listed by year (click for PDF).