Play at Sunday Streets in NoPa and the Western Addition This Weekend

Baker Street. Photo: Bryan Goebel

Sunday Streets hits the NoPa and Western Addition neighborhoods this weekend, with car-free streets linking the Panhandle, Alamo Square and Fillmore Street. Along with the usual swath of activities, the route will link to the Grove Street Farmer’s Market.

I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping the recent beautiful weather holds up on the west side. See you out there.

  • grump

    Sunday Streets is a  nice “green” idea with a vaguely hostile undercurrent: blocks and blocks of no parking 9-4 in residential neighborhoods with a vast shortage of legal parking space makes no sense at all. cant see how parked cars interfere with riding my bike or taking a healthy walk down the street. i think the folks who go around putting “car monster”warning stencils on sidewalks must be making the rules for sunday streets

  • Gneiss

    grump – because people would want to pull them out of the spaces they are in during the event.  Then – guess what – they interfere with people walking and biking on the streets.

    Also, who says parking your private vehicle on public space is a ‘right’?  It’s only legal at the discretion of the city.  It’s not legal all over the city during street cleaning days for between 2 to 4 hours, and there are plenty of places where it’s not legal at all, so why not make it illegal during a few Sundays a year?  If you don’t like it, you’ve got every legal right to pay for an off street parking space.