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SF Bike Party: Hardly Strictly Bike Party

From sfbikeparty [1]:

Guitars & bicycles
Hillbilly music
Open Open streets that we call home
Guitars & bicycles
Hillbilly music
The only thing that keep me hanging on
The only thing that keep me hanging on….

(Lyrics adapted from Dwight Yoakym’s Guitars & Cadillacs [3])

What do hardly strictly bluegrass [4] & SFBP have in common? Bicycles & banjos. They are two free events happening in SF that celebrate music. You’re in trouble if you have to go pee. If there’s music you don’t like, you can always go find other music you DO like. They both make people happy. And, finally, they are both happening on the same day in October.

Come ride with us after friday’s hardly strictly lineup comes to an end. we will meet at a place to be determined in golden gate park. stay tuned for updates and a route!