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Eyes on the Street: Bike Lane, Raised Crosswalks, and More at McCoppin


Photos: Aaron Bialick

The ongoing streetscape transformation [2] on and around McCoppin Street [3] in recent weeks has brought a new bike lane, raised crosswalks, planted bulb-outs and medians.


Crews installing cobblestone pavement on Stevenson Street today.

The planted bulb-outs and medians being added to McCoppin and nearby alleys (Stevenson, Pearl, Jessie Streets, and Elgin Park) will help absorb rainwater [5] and lighten the load on the city’s stormwater systems. Such treatments, which are called for in the city’s Better Streets Plan [6], also help narrow the view of the street, signaling drivers to slow down, as do the cobblestone pavement treatments in the alleyways.

The new westbound bike lane on McCoppin (which was included in the SF Bike Plan but coordinated with the Department of Public Works’ project) connects the one-block bike lane on Otis Street to Valencia Street and the McCoppin bikeway [7], which runs through the future site of the McCoppin Hub plaza [3] toward Market Street and Octavia Boulevard.


A planted bulb-out and raised crosswalk at McCoppin and Stevenson.

This article was revised to show that the alleyway pavement is not permeable.