Oakland Lake Merritt Station Area Plan Streetscape Design Open House

From EBBC:

Please join us at the City of Oakland’s OPEN HOUSE to learn about the plans for street and open space improvements, and guidelines for new development in the area within half a mile radius from the Lake Merritt BART Station. The draft proposals, along with identification of funding and implementation mechanisms are based on an ongoing community process, in collaboration with BART and Peralta Community College District, to create a Station Area Plan that will help guide how this area develops into the future.

*The event will begin with a presentation. Various staffed information stations will also illustrate the Draft Plan proposals. Light refreshments will be served.

Interpreters will be available during the presentation and materials will be available in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Lake Merritt Station Area Plan
Strategic Planning Division, Community and Economic Development Agency, City of Oakland
250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 3315, Oakland, CA 94612

Email: lake_merritt_plan@oaklandnet.com
Telephone Message Line: (510) 238-7904
Project Website: http://www.business2oakland.com/lakemerrittsap

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    This whole effort is really a sham and one of the reasons that Oakland can’t seem to do even the little things right.  The fact that practically every street in Oakland needs to be repaved, while there is a city agency called the “Strategic Planning Division, Community and Economic Development Agency” tells me everything that I need to know.  How about getting rid of the high-paid agency types and just spend the money on paving?  But that’s not how things work around here.  We need to have a 3 year study that has goals like “Increase the housing supply, especially affordable housing for low-income residents” which is ridiculous as “affordable housing” is all Oakland is and runs exactly counter to one of the other goals which is to “Provide services and retail options in the station area” unless those services are for the (additional) low-income residents which is just going to cost the city more money.  Just do what a city needs to do; maintain the streetscape, keep people safe while they are enjoying that street and the rest will take care of itself.