Alameda County Public Health: Seniors Bus Access and Health Workshop

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 | 11 am to 1pm
St. Mary's Center, 925 Brockhurst Street, Oakland
RSVP to Zoe Levitt at or 510-268-4290
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From TransForm:

Are you a senior who rides the bus?   Do you depend on the bus for your daily needs?   Are you interested in how being able to ride the bus affects health and wellbeing?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, join a workshop at Saint Mary’s Center on 1/16 to learn about a study conducted by the Alameda County Public Health Department, and share your thoughts on what we found!
Alameda County Public Health Department is conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of how bus access affects health for Alameda County residents who depend on AC Transit buses for their daily needs.  The purpose of this study is to inform regional transportation decision-makers about the connections between bus transit and health.  Over the summer, ACPHD partnered with 6 community-based organizations to collect surveys and conduct focus groups with bus riders.
On Wednesday, January 16th, at 11am, Alameda County Public Health will be holding a workshop at St Mary’s Center to share results from our surveys and focus groups.  The purpose of this workshop is to give seniors and other bus riders the chance to see the results from our study, to ensure that our data accurately reflects seniors’ experience on the bus, and to get feedback on which information should be shared with decision-makers and other audiences.  These workshops are also an opportunity for shared learning about data and research and for dialogue about public transit and health.  While the focus of the data and discussion will be on seniors, we will share data that is relevant to all bus riders and anyone is welcome to attend.

PLEASE RSVP to Zoe Levitt at or 510-268-4290 if you would like to attend.