Today’s Headlines

  • Legal Path Cleared for Right-Turn Enforcement Camera at Market and Octavia (SF Exam, SFBC)
  • Visiting Girl, 13, Hospitalized With Life-Threatening Injuries by Taxi Driver at Pine and Stockton (KTVU)
  • Cyclist, Swerving Around Car Door, Injured in Crash With Muni Bus at Geary and Leavenworth (CBS)
  • More Media Hubbub About Sunday Parking Meters (SF Weekly, SFGateABC)
  • One in 24 U.S. Drivers Admit to Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel (KALW, Press Democrat)
  • Some Marina Neighbors Not Into the Parklet Made Out of a Citroen Van (SFGate)
  • C.W. Nevius Finds Some “Crabby” Merchants Who Don’t Like the Fisherman’s Wharf Re-Design
  • More Details on the Victims and Suspect in Car Wreck at 21st and S. Van Ness (ABC, SF Appeal, CBS)
  • Karen Lynn Allen Breaks Down Drunk Driving Stats for SF in Light of Recent Ped Death on Twin Peaks
  • Green Caltrain Sums Up the Status of Each Caltrain Stations’ Preparation for Electrification
  • Greater Marin Offers Some Suggestions for Boosting GG Transit’s Sagging Ridership
  • Pedestrians Killed on Highway 101 in San Jose (CBS) and I-880 in Oakland (CoCo Times)

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  • guest

    Can you clarify how the Muni Bus Driver was responsible for injuring the cyclist (as per your headline)?

  • The operator was controlling the Muni bus which injured the cyclist. This isn’t necessarily stating who was at fault, but that’s what happened.

  •  if the cyclist was swerving around an opening door – the door opener is at fault. No matter if the cyclist could have prevented it by riding out of the door zone or the MUNI driver prevented it by giving the cyclist a wider berth.

    20 bucks says this goes down as a “tragic accident”

  • RichardC

    Aaron, the article states that the cyclist swerved and hit the side of the bus, not that the bus hit the cyclist. Therefore, the bus driver actually had no part in injuring the cyclist. I agree that your phasing is misleading.

  •  Richard – a car made an illegal turn directly in front of me and as a result my front wheel contacted the right side passenger door. Their insurance company tried very hard in deposition to get me to say that I had “hit the car”. I repeated “Listen to me – your client made an illegal turn in front of me and there was a collision as a result”.

    Aaron’s statement is similarly accurate. There was a crash.

    The article does not say that the cyclist hit the side of the bus. The headline does.

    “The bicyclist then turned to miss the door and the handlebars of the bike made contact with the side of the bus”. That does not indicate that the bus had no part. The bus may have been passing the cyclist at an unsafe distance – which is illegal despite the Jerry Brown veto of specific legislation. But we don’t know and that is why the article doesn’t imply fault.

    The writer of the article went to great lengths to use neutral language. The headline writer – well that’s why he’s writing headlines instead of articles.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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