Bike Walnut Creek Advocacy Ride

From EBBC:

Bike Walnut Creek is planning a bicycle ride which will tour Walnut Creek’s bicycling infrastructure. We would like to see a diverse group of both cyclists and non-cyclists on the ride, mainly consisting of folks who make critical funding, designing, and building decisions for the city. If you have any contacts that fit the bill, please ask them to join us on Saturday, January 26th. We will meet at the WC Library at 10am. The ride will be small, around 12-15 bicyclists. The tentative route is mapped here:

In conjunction with the Advocacy Ride, we will do a survey of bicyclists at the Walnut Creek library also starting at 10am on January 26th. For those parking their bicycles in the racks in front of the 4 entrances, BWC will inquire as to the route they used to get to the library, whether they felt comfortable on the route, whether they think improvements could be done for bicycle access to the library. This is our first public recruiting event and it is a great way to get more passionate bicyclists involved in our cause.

If you would like to volunteer for either of these events, please e-mail BWC. This is our next big event and we need all the volunteers we can muster!


Walnut Creek Bicycle Plan Public Hearing

From EBBC: Walnut Creek creek has finished a draft of its first ever Bicycle Plan and takes it to City Council and a public hearing on August 2, 2011. If you live, work or ride in Walnut Creek, this is a great opportunity learn more about the City’s plans to become more bike-friendly. The Bicycle […]

Richmond Bicycle Ride of Silence

From Second Annual Richmond Ride of Silence A somber, slow & quiet ride to honor those who have been seriously hurt or killed while bicycling in Richmond.The ride will traverse areas that the City of Richmond is planning to improve in order to be safer for cyclists. Held during the week following Bike to […]

Ride Of Silence 2011, East Bay

From EBBC: The Ride of Silence is a World-wide event held the 3rd Wednesday of each May (since 2003). The intent of this event is to show respect for cyclists who have been killed (including my friend John Greaves, Camino Tassajara – June 2009) or injured in vehicle collisions, support Daneil Greaves (his widow) who […]

Talking Headways Podcast: Dear Bike People

Do people of color and low-income people ride bikes? Not as much as they could, given all the great benefits biking offers, particularly to people without a lot of disposable cash. But yes, non-white and non-rich people ride bikes — in high numbers compared to the general population, by some measures. Even though they’re biking […]