Eyes on the Street: Polk’s Contra-Flow Protected Bike Lane Shaping Up

Polk at Grove Street, looking north against the flow of vehicle traffic. Photo: Aaron Bialick

Exciting news on the protected bike lane front. The contra-flow protected bike lane on the south end of Polk Street is taking shape. By Bike to Work Day on May 8, the project is expected to provide a direct bike connection from Market Street to City Hall.

The concrete has set for the planters that will separate bicycle riders from motor traffic. The southbound bike lane on the opposite side of the street has also been ground away, in preparation to be re-striped as a buffered lane.

  • the_greasybear

    This is very encouraging, and welcome. The contra-flow lane is a relatively simple, straightforward and inexpensive fix that will yield a huge increase in connectivity and safety.

  • Mark Dreger

    And the rebuilt bike chute at Market is looking sweet too. Hope a bike signal is finally coming here along with that wait box across the street for those turning from EB Market to NB Polk.

  • Sprague

    It is great to see this being built. There are so many one way streets in San Francisco that would benefit from similar “protected” bicycle infrastructure.