This Week: Final Open House on Redesigning Polk Street

The SFMTA will unveil its final proposals for a redesigned Polk Street this Wednesday — don’t miss this chance to weigh in. The SFMTA Board of Directors also meets to go over the recommended service adjustments in the Muni TEP, and SPUR discusses how big data is shaping transit policy.

Here are this week’s calendar highlights:

  • Tuesday: Listen in on a SPUR lunchtime forum on how the growing body of data on transit use allows experts “to make smarter decisions about transportation investments and operations while greatly improving the experience for travelers.” 12:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday: Don’t miss the final open house for Polk Street’s redesign. SFMTA staff will present details and collect feedback on the final proposed street configuration and “public realm enhancements such as lighting, landscaping, bulbouts and alley improvements.” 5:30 p.m. In preparation, the SF Bicycle Coalition’s Central City Committee will discuss the plans Monday (tonight) at 5 p.m.
  • Friday: The SFMTA Board of Directors  holds a special meeting to consider staff-recommended changes to Muni lines as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project. 8 a.m.

Keep an eye on the calendar for updated listings. Got an event we should know about? Drop us a line.

  • voltairesmistress

    Could someone better informed than I tell us why anyone should bother going to the Polk Street redesign final meeting? Honestly, I want to know if anything more can be accomplished. It seems Polk will be per design something that has bowed to car-loving old merchants, a clearly substandard treatment for bikes and pretty unimaginative for pedestrians. Is there any significant aspect we can influence at this point? Thanks for any info.

  • NoeValleyJim

    We are getting separated bike lanes on Lower Polk and bikes lanes on half of Upper Polk, along with a floater going the other way.

    True it is not enough, but it is clearly an improvement over what is there now. If we keep pushing, we should be able to get the floater made permanent.

    I will be there, as I have done a ton of work on this one, hope to see you there as well!

  • coolbabybookworm

    Hard to say, this is the last public meeting for the process so a big showing should help push this project to be better at further SFMTA hearings/approvals. It’s certainly been discouraging, but the more we can show up and talk to the SFMTA the better.

    Right now we have the data on our side and we can re-enforce that with the SFMTA at the meeting.