Today’s Headlines

  • Study: SFpark Has Cut Parking Cruising Times in Half (Next CityAtlantic Cities)
  • SF Second Densest City in U.S.: “You Don’t Need a Car Here. They Really Just Get in the Way.” (SFGate)
  • More on the Tech Bus Appeal Denial (ExamAppealNBC48 HillsSFGate); Protest in Oakland (SFBG)
  • DUI SFFD Truck Driver Who Hit Motorcyclist Appears in Court (SF Examiner)
  • North Beach Residents Think Rat Sightings are Linked With Central Subway Construction (SFGate)
  • False Citation for Muni Fare Evasion Indicates Flaws in Clipper Enforcement System (SF Examiner)
  • April Fools: Man Outfits Prius to Hook Up to Muni Power Lines (Bold Italic)
  • SF Startup Lets Private Parking Space Owners Rent Them Out to Benefit Charities (Bold Italic)
  • Future BART Car Model to Tour Bay Area This Month for Public Input (SFist)
  • Bike East Bay Looking for the Next Bike Commuter of the Year (SFGate)
  • GJEL: Caltrans Needs to Get Up to Speed on Complete Streets, Endorse NACTO Design Guide
  • In China, High-Speed Rail is Reducing Domestic Flights (Atlantic Cities)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    Now that we know pricing works for parking (as if it weren’t already obvious that it would work) can we please for the love of Pete have market pricing for bridge tolls? It’s very simple: raise the price of peak hour bridge crossing until the metering lights are off.

  • twinpeaks_sf

    And toll from the South!

    We’ve already got the North and East covered.

  • JB

    What I’ve learned from the fare inspections is: DO NOT LET GO OF YOUR CARD. If your Clipper has to be scanned, have them do it with it in your hand. First Fare inspector had a malfunctioned scanner so he went on board the bus with my card, but did not permit me to board, to have his colleague scan it. Yeah… that went well when the bus took off.

  • AJ

    And use those tolls to fund DTX and Muni to Daly City BART!

  • Timsmith

    Hear hear!

  • murphstahoe


Today’s Headlines

Muni Opposes Level Boarding Platforms for Van Ness BRT (SFGate, Hoodline) “Restore Balance”: “The Bike Lobby is Running Transport Policy… Let’s Go Back 10 Years” (SFBG) More on Facebook’s Sean Parker Funding the Free Parking Measure (TechCrunch) Mission Bay Residents Protest Increase in Fees for Private Shuttles Using Muni Stops (SF Examiner) More on the Muni […]

Today’s Headlines

Muni Drivers Calling in Sick Today to Protest Labor Contract (KQED, SF Weekly, KTVU, SFGate) Limo Driver Hits Taxi Driver On Foot Outside Hilton Union Square (SF Examiner) DUI Driver Who Pinned Car on Man at Geary Gas Station to Appear in Court (SF Examiner) Bay Area Council Rep: Google Bus Protestors “Fail to Grapple” […]

Today’s Headlines

SF Reverend: Taking the Bus to Church “Unrealistic” (Is Paying for Parking Realistic?) (SF Examiner) SF Chronicle Mistakes Existing Transit-Only Lanes for “Heavily-Used Driving Lanes” “Street Fight” Author Jason Henderson on Equity Issues at the National Bike Summit (SFBG) For Some San Franciscans, Their Bicycle is a Reflection of Their Personality (Bold Italic) SFSU Students Push […]

Today’s Headlines

Attorney: Muni, Not Bus Driver, At Fault in Emily Dunn’s Death (KTVU, City Insider) Muni Wants More Cameras to Catch Drivers in Bus Lanes (SFGate, SF Examiner) N-Judah to Be Shut Down For Six Consecutive Weekends (SF Examiner) Driver Somehow Ends Up With Car in Water at Ocean Beach (Mercury News) Should People on Bikes Get a […]

Today’s Headlines

Drunk Driver Goes Wrong Way on Bryant Street, Crashes Into Steps of SF Hall of Justice (KTVU, SFGate) SFMTA to Raise Fees for Shuttle Operators Using Muni Stops to $3.55 Per Stop (Exam, SFGate, SFBay) New Muni Metro Trains Up for Contract Vote; Renderings Unveiled (ABC, SFBay) SFMTA Planning Protected Bike Lanes on the Embarcadero; Open House Next Week (SocketSite, SFist) […]

Today’s Headlines

Muni Switchbacks Down on Some Lines, Up On T-Third (SF Examiner) Most BART Delays Caused by Failing Equipment (SFGate) Castro Streetscape Project Complicated by Poles for Muni Wires (BAR) Bulb-Outs in Market/Dolores Whole Foods Plan Go to Planning Commission Thursday (BAR) Year’s First Sunday Streets Draws Crowds for a Sunny Day on the Embarcadero (SFGate, KTVU, ABC) Plan […]