Mapping San Francisco’s Most Speeding-Plagued Streets

Urban cartographer Stephanie May used engineering and traffic surveys collected by the SFMTA between 2004 and 2010 to piece together this map of speeding. The darker the segment, the higher the average speed. Fatter segments represent streets with a higher incidence of speeding.

A new online map begins to show which San Francisco streets have the worst speeding problems, according to data from SFMTA engineering and traffic surveys. The map was created by Stephanie May, who works for the SF-based organization Urban Mapping and teaches cartography at SF State University and history at Stanford, according to her Twitter page.

Ideally, a map like this could show people where they should advocate for safety improvements, and where city agencies ought to focus enforcement and traffic calming efforts. This map is a start, but the available data has a lot of gaps, since speed surveys are typically done only in response to complaints from residents, May said. The data is also a bit dated, collected between 2004 and 2010. It would be interesting to see how road diets and other traffic calming measures implemented since then have changed the picture.

On Twitter, May said she thinks “the real message of the map is that @sfgov needs to monitor traffic speeds more systematically (and report).”

  • murphstahoe

    Most depressing – the big wide lines on JFK and MLK

  • coolbabybookworm

    The part of JFK without bike lanes is also a high injury corridor for cyclists. Time for car free JFK!

  • jd_x

    Yep. Cars just shouldn’t be in the park. Can’t we have *one* place, a place that is in fact supposed to be for recreating, where cars don’t dominate and we always have to worry about them?

    And isn’t that the Stockton tunnel that is one of the worst on the entire map?

    You would think every SFPD officer would be given this map (or something like it) when they go out on shift.

  • Easy

    Great work putting together the map – thanks!

  • Michael Morris

    This map only shows where people get caught. The fact that there is no red on Bush/Pine between van ness and fillmore is ridiculous, there is speeding on those streets every day