Today’s Headlines

  • BART Unable to Fire Employee Accused of Beating a Homeless Man (SFGate, SFBay)
  • Muni Pass Fare Increase (SFBay)
  • Vision Zero Radio Ads (SFBay)
  • More on East Bay BART Delays (SFist)
  • Development Rises in New Affordable Housing Paradigm (SFChron)
  • City Readies for Waterfront Development (SFExaminer)
  • Skinny Housing to Replace SoMa Gas Station (Socketsite)
  • AC Transit Tries on Demand Buses (EastBayTimes)
  • Caltrain to get $20 Million from Cap & Trade for Electrification (Almanac)
  • BART Prude Riders Upset by San Leandro Nude Statue (NBC4)
  • Shovels Turning on Downtown Novato Train Station (MarinIJ)

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  • gneiss

    Taxpayers have spent $1.2 Billion on construction on Highway 101 and congestion is just as bad as ever, if not worse.

    “the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result”

  • RichLL

    Yes but a fairer comparison would be between the congestion now and what the congestion would have been if those improvements had not been made. Just because doing something hasn’t made things better doesn’t mean that doing nothing wouldn’t have made things worse.

    And just wait until the Bay Area has ten million people. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • 10M? Better expand today’s MSA to include the Central Valley because millions more residents won’t be able to afford to live in the Bay Area under existing conditions.

  • and $2B has been spent on the Central Subway, a project that really won’t transform transit in the city. Now, had planners insisted on building a real central transit link…

  • lunartree

    Adults getting genuinely upset over a classical style statue. Are these people for real? Is it still the victorian era?

  • RichLL

    So we needn’t build out our infrastructure because nobody can afford to live here any more? Well, that’s a relief.

    “Nobody comes here any more, it’s too crowded” – Yogi Berra.

  • Jimbo

    thats because about $10B more is needed for lane widening all the way from SF to LA

  • Interesting. I never said a word about not building out infrastructure. Care to share which planet you’re on?

  • RichLL

    You implied that our local population would not increase and maybe would decline. That in turn implies an easing of our infrastructure problems. The planet I inhabit disagrees.

  • thielges

    Some day in the near future when everyone is walking around wearing augmented reality goggles this problem will be solved with a virtual fig leaf app.

  • I did nothing of the sort, but read into it as you will. I honestly could not care less what you think.

  • RichLL

    Sorry, Mark, but there is no other reasonable interpretation of your words and you have failed to explain what else you could have meant.

    Obviously you do “care” because you have now twice tried to rationalize your comment when a more appropriate response would surely have been to simply admit that you were joking


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