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  • mx

    I’m getting the message “Please select a unique score for each row” a bunch. It seems like it’s only possible to give one row a “5,” even where the question seems to call for each row to be rated individually?

  • Roger R.

    Sorry. Looking into this now.

  • The problem has been fixed. Thanks!

  • ClaireB

    On the question “the last time I went to work I….” says to check all that apply but it only lets you select one answer. This is critical because many people take public transportation as well as bike/walk. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3fd7dfea7d17b35df6ca52e6a09711e6f18c68338d5e4ba0cdc621283b866501.png

  • Roger R.

    Thanks. This should be solved now.