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Vancouver’s Velo Vision: Safe Biking for All Ages

In June, the city of Vancouver hosted the Velo-City Global 2012 Conference, where international cycling planners, professionals and advocates convened.

Streetfilms partnered with the city to produce this video about Vancouver’s investment in bicycling. Easy and convenient transportation is key to their status as one of the world’s most livable and sustainable cities. In 2010 they introduced their downtown separated bike lanes. And since, cycling has become the fastest growing mode of transportation in Vancouver.

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An Unfinished Freeway Revolt: Car-Free Vancouver Day

fwys_equal_climate_crime_8186.jpgBanner at Car-Free Vancouver Day
gateway_sux_8187.jpgThe organization fighting the massive freeway plan in Vancouver

I’m just back from a fantastic five-day visit to Vancouver to help celebrate and publicly ponder Car-Free Vancouver Day. The event started six years ago along East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive (“the Drive” as it is often called there). It has grown to encompass five separate neighborhood street closures, one being the very wide 4- to 6-lane Main Street where it is closed for about 17 blocks. To San Franciscans the event has a certain familiarity, combining something of our venerable tradition of street fairs with the newer excitement of “Sunday Streets.” But unlike the well-established and highly commercial street fairs, or the city-sponsored Sunday Streets, Car-Free Vancouver Day is a product of grassroots organizing, with hundreds of volunteers working hard for months to produce an exciting day of urban reinhabitation.