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Guanajuato: A City for Flaneurs and Loiterers!

2010 is a big year for Mexico! I just completed another visit to Mexico, once again starting in Guadalajara, but then doing a 9-day driving trip through the heart of the country. This new year is Mexico’s bicentennial and centennial (independence from Spain and the revolution, respectively), and signs denoting the historic routes of the […]

Free Public Transit?

A crowded moment in the Tunnelbana, Stockholm, Sweden’s efficient and easy public subway system. In Stockholm, Sweden, a fascinating political intervention has been taking place during the past few years. Starting originally around 2000-2001 in an anarcho-syndicalist youth organization, is a surprisingly innovative and effective transit activist group. Today it is still an entirely […]

Back to Civilization

A wet late afternoon on Norrebrogade in Copenhagen… bikes fill the lanes on either side of the street and a bus is in the near background. Not many cars!… Returning to Copenhagen after some years away is always a pleasant shock. Few cities in the world feel as properly scaled as this lovely old Danish […]

Take Two Peaks and Call Me in the Morning!

View from top of south peak in February 2008. With the rain falling in late November, and soggy unemployment statistics haunting our lives too, the idea of Depression lurks just below the surface. Depression has multiple meanings like so many concepts in the English language; in this case, I’m taking two of them: 1) mental […]