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Cartoon Tuesday: What Does Alabama Have Against California and Bikes?


The online news outlet Digital City reports that the state of Alabama has banned the sale of Cycles Gladiator wine, produced by California winery Hahn Family Wines because of what it terms an inappropriate label.  Digital City reports:

A poster advertising bicycles dating back to 1895 is causing quiet a stir in Alabama. Hahn Family Wines out of California makes a wine called Cycle Gladiators and they've featured the original ad on the label.

Why all the fuss? The ad in question (pictured above) includes the image of a long-haired woman flying alongside a bicycle -- wearing nothing but a smile ... well, she's not smiling but you get the idea.

The cartoon lady could be considered artistically tasteful but the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board doesn't think so. The board decided to pull the the wine from liquor store shelves statewide, deeming the label as inappropriate.

Are they trying to make a statement about biking while intoxicated? Is it because the bike has no front brakes? Are they worried people are going to try and make their bikes fly?

Maybe the AABCB rulesmakers should just spend a week up in Black Rock City and learn to love powerful, artfully (un)clad women riding bicycles everywhere. Tut tut.

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Cartoon Tuesday: Beware of the Ouchies

After reading about a new Pew Poll that found 88 percent of Americans believe they can't live without a car, I couldn't help thinking of this cartoon from John Akre -- who also gave us Cars for Hats. Car dependence has never looked so terrifying.


Cartoon Tuesday: Warsaw Police Encourage Helmets and Sobriety

In lieu of being able to break your fall with a thought bubble, Warsaw, Poland, police are encouraging cyclists to wear helmets.  Although strapping up your head in styrofoam is a great idea, I think if I were riding in Warsaw, I'd be more concerned about having a second beer at the pub and ending up in prison for two years for riding under the influence.

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Cartoon Tuesday: Don’t Walk (?)

If you're in need of a little comic relief today, try this seemingly subversive pro-jaywalking message from the Muppets.