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    Elfreda Huffer

    Simply amazing article! I need help with this too! BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a a form, the fillable blank is here



    First, I’ve learned more along the way. Initially I merely asked why Dietel made the claims he did, before others pointed out that he was a self-styled vigilante.

    Second, I don’t think there is any bias in criticizing Dietel’s actions because O said the same applies to those who used similar tactics to “enforce” cyclists or pedestrians.

    The real issue is how cyclists are perceived because that informs whether or not voters will support their desires. And Dietel does not create a cuddly sympathetic image any more than Bucchere or Hespelt do.

    The bike lobby needs better friends and supporters.



    All adorable but I suspect that readers regard your whimsical distractions as an indicator that you cannot refute the substantial points that I made.

    Or is this not a place for serious debate of transportation and safety topics, but rather a playground for seventh graders?


    Donovan Lacy

    I agree. There needs to be more education and enforcement regarding where to load and unload. Or, we could remove a few parking spots each block and designate them as approved rideshare loading/unloading zones. That would eliminate a lot of the excuses drivers routinely use as to why they are stopped in the middle of the road.

    On a positive note, I saw a delivery truck on Market today actually parked with warning cones instead of parking in the raised bike lane. That is progress.


    Donovan Lacy

    I am looking forward to seeing that. We could make SFBC bike stickers with a don’t be a “fill in the image”.


    Donovan Lacy


    You stated at the beginning of this thread that “the video doesn’t show any attempt to enforce anything.” You have now come full circle and are claiming that you are opposed to this type of enforcement. How can you be opposed to something that you claimed did not exist?

    You stated that the motorcyclist was wrong and then you called the guy that took the video pompous, sanctimonious, entitled and dickish. Can you not see how one might infer a bias in these characterizations?

    Furthermore, the statement that you are “really questioning whether vigilante activism is a net benefit”, is disingenuous, given that you clearly believe that it is not beneficial to the “cyclist lobby”.

    If “vigilante activism” as you call it won’t change anything, what would you suggest to change your mind and ultimately the mind of all of those voters and taxpayers that we need to support safer cycling?





    Too cute. Needs to look grumpier.



    right, obviously, but people are oblivious or selfish and don’t pay attention to their surroundings and rely on their phones & technology too much.



    I don’t think they need technology to do this; it’s just behavior/policy change that is needed. You don’t need new technology to see a bike lane and not park/load/unload in it.





    We’re working on an alternate persona for him. Open to names for his alter ego. A friend of mine is an illustrator and he’s coming up with a few concept sketches for “Pro-bike bias comment vigilante man”.



    Uber and Lyft need to update their technology to alert both rider and driver where it is safe to load and unload and that they need to meet at the nearest loading zone. A busy street with a bike lane is not a good place to get picked up.



    Do you have actual evidence that SFPD enforcement priorities differ markedly from the consensus of SF voters. I’d be interested to see your numbers.



    Come on, Murph, that cartoon is at least a decade old. You can do better – I know you can.



    I can no more police the internet than Dietel can police every SF street. But do you really have a problem with someone who broadens the debate, questions assumptions and cliches, and challenges straight-line thinking and the inherent biases in any advocacy and activism?



    Agreed, it’s not OK for either Dietel or the motorcyclist to break the law. I didn’t personally think that either were putting anyone in danger though, so I don’y think that ticketing either of them would be worthwhile.

    The smack is another matter of course.

    As for red lights, obviously only a small percentage get caught, just like only a small percentage of cyclists get caught for blowing stop signs. The level of enforcement necessary to perform zero tolerance policing on all SF’s roads would be astronomical and the voters and taxpayers would not support it



    The only vote that counts is Ron Conway’s



    I already stated that I thought this motorcyclist was wrong, as were the two drivers last week who killed two cyclists.

    However the topic here was Dietel form of “enforcement” and bike lanes. Neither of last week’s deaths involved a bike lane. IIRC one was a hit-and-run who blew a light and the other was driving a car he had stolen.

    And I’m really questioning whether vigilante activism is a net benefit for the cyclist lobby which, ultimately, relies on the goodwill of the voters and taxpayers to support safer cycling.

    Oh, and not much time. I multi-task.



    I had thought the same thing as Roymeo i.e. that this is a little like what Roberts does.

    The difference is that Roberts focuses on all classes of wrongdoers, and not just one. Roberts is a journalist and Dietel is some kind of narrowly-defined single-issue direct activism vigilante.



    It’s Ed Lee’s job to ensure that SFPD enforcement priorities mirror that of the voters, and not that they mirror the special interest single-issue lobbyists who may think differently.

    Do you have evidence that the voters want, say, massive enforcement of bike lanes and zero enforcement of bikes ignoring stop signs?


    Donovan Lacy


    SFPD Detectives don’t hand out tickets to people running red lights. To suggest that having SFPD enforce the red light, stop sign, speeding, failure to yield and even bike lane violations is going to prevent their detectives from investigating and preventing rape and child abuse is nonsense.

    SFPD was given a mandate to Focus on the Five and have chosen to ignore that directive. You can’t have it both ways. When discussing the Motorcycle incident on Golden Gate you said that the bike lane was a meant for travel and by Dietel obstructing it he was breaking the law.

    How then is it okay for a car to stop in that same lane?



    That said, it’s SFPD’s job to police bike lanes and not his.

    And it’s Ed Lee’s job to make sure the SFPD does theirs. And they don’t. Nothing like a little sunshine to effect change.



    Roberts rags on cyclists too, so in RichLL’s world Roberts is only half bad



    I stalked RichLL and got an evening picture in his house


    Donovan Lacy


    You are posts on this message are reflecting the same level of obsession that you say that are opposing. You are obsessed with the behavior of cyclists, and what you perceive as them being pompous, sanctimonious, entitled or even dickish, and you are going out of your way to try to punish them with your posts.

    You have spent considerably more time debating the motives of someone trying to bring attention to the dangers on our streets for cyclists then you have condemning the drivers that committed the terribly action that caused the death of two cyclists in the last week, and many more before them.

    If your issue is truly with arrogance and bad behavior, regardless of whether that is a cyclist, pedestrian or driver. Where is your outrage with drivers?


    Frank Kotter

    Pictures to prove that, in fact, no one does care so you can get even more frustrated?


    Frank Kotter

    To actually affect change or to prove that you, in fact were not riding the way the cops said you were when the driver killed you.

    Honest question. I also considered getting a Fly6 but realized the only good it would do is that latter. And my family wouldn’t really care at that point. As far as it actually having an effect other than harvesting clicks for a youtube channel, forget it.



    Replace “Dietel” with “Stanley Roberts”.



    So you’re here to enforce something or other?

    It’s funny, the only time I can recall seeing you up in arms is when you are trying to pin the blame on people on bikes. I don’t recall seeing you spend so much time and attention on people who drive or walk.



    Playing amateur psychologist does not become you. I have nothing against cyclists. I have ridden a bike myself but no longer do.

    My issue is with arrogance and bad behavior, regardless of whether that is a cyclist, pedestrian or driver.

    And I have an issue with bias. Since there is a lot of pro-cycling bias here, that gets my focus. I also think that the SF bike lobby is dramatically failing at its PR efforts, and some constructive feedback could improve that situation.



    I don’t have a “major issue with cyclists”. I have a major issue with anyone who gets obsessed with their ideological views to the point of going out of their way to try and punish those who disagree with them.

    So I think Dietel’s behavior is odious but so would running interference on the Wiggle or driving 55 on a freeway.

    If you’re seeking to “enforce” your own will on others, then it’s a problem.



    Yeah, that stretch of GGP is a 60 mph freeway.


    Donovan Lacy


    You really do seem to have a major issue with cyclists. I would be interested in having a cup of coffee sometime and exploring the root of this obsession.

    I wish you the best of luck on your experiment in the Wiggle. I will be sure to stop and say hello and ask you why you are stopped in the middle of the cross walk.



    I am curious. You come across as absolutely desperate to prove that the person on the bike is wrong here or being misleading. You’ve spent a lot of time typing out comments to this effect. You come across not only in this thread but in many, many others as having an axe to grind against people who ride bikes.

    What happened to you? What happened that you have this overwhelming need to assign blame to people who ride bikes, in as many instances as possible in the comments? You sure spend a lot of time doing this.

    Did someone who rides a bike take your romantic partner? Kick sand in your face at the beach? What was it? Looking back through your comment history this seems to be your hobby if not obsession. I’m genuinely interested to know why you are so anxious to carry water in any situation where there is a conflict. Help me out here?



    Did SFPD show up to block the bike land and blame the victim again?



    Good work! Keep pulling the thread! The whole thing is about to unravel!


    Curry westgate

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    Instead of writing letters, I recommend that riders use a video cam at all times. I experience incidents like this daily in SF. Record them. All of them



    Weak troll.



    Yeah, and in fact I often think that bike lanes get put on the wrong streets. They tend to appear on high-speed, high-volume arteries when, oftentimes, there is a quiet leafy alternative street close by that is safer.

    OK, there aren’t many leaves in the Tenderloin, but you know what I mean.



    My guess – it’s a new lane and that often attracts initial SFPD attention. In fact I got pulled over on Fell when they changed the lane marking and it was just an educational chat. SFPD wanted to be sure drivers understood the new lanes. The cop even admitted to me that it was “confusing”

    Do you seriously think GG Avenue is going to be a daily high priority? In the TL of all neighborhoods?



    Really. That must be why the SFPD showed up to cite people driving in the bike lane – the silent majority!



    Follow the thread. The reference is clearly cited



    That’s one view. But personally I think an asshole like Dietel taking the law into in his own hands quite possibly makes cyclists look worse (just like Bucchere and Hespelt did) and that makes the silent majority care LESS about cyclists, not more.


    Ann Sherman




    SFPD enforce the law according to the priorities that we the voters give them. The sting on the Wiggle a few months ago was a direct result of public demand. There isn’t the same demand to give out meaningless tickets to cars in the bike lane when there isn’t a bike for miles around. It’s quite simply not as important as other crimes.

    If a bike lane blockage causes an accident then that’s different. But I’m not aware of any accident that has been caused by a car fleetingly occupying a bike lane. At worst it’s an inconvenience


    Ann Sherman



    Ann Sherman



    Ann Sherman