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    Something terribly wrong with what SFPD is doing. If they spent as much effort cracking down on drivers violating ped crosswalk right of way, actual lives will be saved. Why such a unusual effort on their part to ticket bikes? what’s the true story?




    Donovan Lacy

    I don’t hate Sanford or Roberts or you for that matter. To generalize in that way that you just did is truly offensive.

    Can you please provide a citation for your previous post?

    You might want to take a look at this link to help with your cyclists demographic data.



    That’s exactly the problem with this crackdown. It’s safe for both motor vehicles and bikes to do a rolling stop at stop signs, providing they do actually yield (i.e. really slow down, so that they can stop within a foot of distance). It’s dangerous for either to blast through a stop sign without yielding.

    Layered on top of that, you have the fact that bikes will do less damage than cars if they do hit someone, so they are inherently safer than cars for all movements. So you have the following hierarchy of behaviors, from safest to most dangerous:

    1. Bike makes full stop
    2. Car makes full stop
    3. Bike makes rolling stop (yields)
    4. Car makes rolling stop (yields)
    5. Bike blasts through stop (does not yield)
    6. Car blasts through stop (does not yield)

    Number 6 is the most dangerous, and I don’t think any of us those who bike would be upset if the police spent their time ticketing people for number 5 either. The problem is that the cops are focusing on number 3, even while completely ignoring number 4, which is terrible prioritization, even though it is technically illegal.


    Donovan Lacy

    I don’t really want people to loathe me either, but if they are going to for irrational reasons, all I can do is try and reason with them and stay out of their way on the road.

    That being said, I am not sure why you feel the need to classify everyone who rides a bicycle as part of some secret cabal, but if that is truly what you believe, it sounds a little paranoid.


    Donovan Lacy

    I had the same conversation with my wife the other day. She was getting tired of me complaining about cars rolling stop signs in the neighborhood (as I have been fixated since the wiggle crack down) and she pointed at a car that had just pulled through the intersection as an example of a car that had come to a complete stop.

    I asked her if she was sure and asked her to take a look at the tires of the next car she thought came to a complete stop. It became quickly apparent that the vast majority of cars do not come to a complete stop. We have just come to accept that a rolling stop for a motor vehicle is a stop.


    David D.

    Don’t worry, TI will be gone either (1) when the next big one hits or (2) global warming succeeds in raising water levels. If you buy housing on TI, boy do I have a bridge to sell to you!



    Thanks for letting me know that my 8-year old daughter and my wife want people to “loathe” them when they ride bikes to school or to work.



    A Craigslist post elevated to a journalist article is at best, hack journalism. I don’t think any reasonable thinking person would suggest that this reflects the views of “cyclists”, or would infer that a crackdown on cyclists is required because of this.

    The lack of popularity of cyclists exists with or without good behavior by cyclists. They are an outgroup that is an easy target for haters. Even if everyone came to a complete stop all of the time at stop signs, there are still a sizable subgroup of individuals (which would I am sure, include you) that would still not want people who ride bicycles on city streets and would fight against any changes to the streetscape which would benefit bicycle riders over motorists.



    You could just look at the wheel to see if it has stopped rotating.

    And for what it’s worth, I can very easily cease motion on my bicycle (or on a Scoot) for a time without putting my foot down. Not even track standing.


    david vartanoff

    Of course on board is better as most riders spend more time there than waiting at stations. That said, despite likely damages, I still believe restrooms at stations are necessary. Given that most riders use clipper cards perhaps entry should be clipper enabled much as some ATMs require an ATM card to enter the kiosk.


    Nicasio Nakamine

    I don’t want to be loathed, but I know I am.


    Nicasio Nakamine

    I think we can agree that murder and threats of murder are completely inappropriate and whoever is making the threat is a total asshole. I don’t like Stanley Roberts, but I don’t wish him any harm.



    Why shouldn’t the driver pause for 10 seconds instead?



    Well, arriving at the same time generally implies the driver was approaching from behind, given how fast SF drivers drive :)



    So why play into it?



    They’re two obvious trolls. Obvious troll is obvious. They’re fun to toy with because they play off the cuff. No real cognizant arguments, just accusations of racism if you disagree with them or blanket statements “All cyclists”, etc. They’re not sophisticated or subtle. They’re artless hacks but they’re all we’ve got on here. What we need is a troll with style. That’d be real fun.


    StrixNoctis .

    Oh, I thought I read they arrived at the stop sign at the same time.



    If you read it – Aaron made it to the intersection first – e.g. he passed nobody.



    how does the driver of a motor vehicle prove they are stopped? Just curious.



    I think that cyclists like for people to loathe them. It feeds their bad boy reputations. In the comments on another article, @Murphstahoe made a revealing statement to a fellow cyclist who was considering giving up commuting on his bike and taking transit that he would have a hard time becoming an “eloi.” Eloi are the weak, helpless people in H.G. Wells’ Time Machine. The corollary of that is that cyclists are Morlocks–the bestial, feral creatures who preyed on them.



    the question is – can you quit Jimbo and p_chazzz..



    My understanding of the requirement to put a foot down at stop signs is not that the putting down of the foot itself is important. But rather that that is what signifies to others that you have actually come to a full stop.

    Unless you are a circus performer, it is near impossible to be on a fully stopped bike without putting down a foot.

    Whether someone stops or not is sometimes hard to judge. But putting a foot down proves it,



    …a few days ago you said you were “done with this blog”. Yet… here you are…

    …you can’t quit us.


    StrixNoctis .

    I’m glad to see you weren’t hit, but at stops, wait for the vehicle at your left to go first (i.e. don’t pass on the right of vehicles). Too often drivers don’t use their turn signals, and too often they’re preoccupied with looking to their left for oncoming traffic then fail to look to their right before making the turn.

    Don’t even pass on the right of the double parked cars. Only pass on the left.

    Most of the times that I nearly got right hooked were when I forgot to not pass vehicles on the right.



    they hate sanford. he’s african american
    they hate roberts. hes african american
    they hate me on this site. im african american.

    75% of cyclsits in SF are white males under 45.

    i see a theme.



    i love stanley roberts



    I’d say the bigger problem is the driver making an illegal turn across the path of another vehicle.



    Oh no p_chazz- we know how ‘loathed’ we are. You come on here almost daily to remind us. Your tireless efforts to shine the light on our nefarious activities really adds a lot to the discussion on this site. You’re a one man beacon of truth in an echo chamber of vacuous entitlement and uppityness. Don’t ever leave us!



    So, I see that a cyclist is soliciting the murder of Stanley Roberts on Craigslist. Or was, the ad has been taken down. You guys–and I do mean guys, aggro entitled white guys for the most part, need to realize just how loathed you are. Soliciting the murder of a popular African-American journalist who puts you in a bad light is not making you any friends, and is only making police crackdowns on cyclists more popular with the public




    I’d love to know, why do you hate biking and people on bikes so much? I’ve never seen a positive comment from you on this blog. Everyone of your comments is negative or slagging people off. Nothing collaborative of positive from you… only negativity. You don’t add anything to the discussion you just come across as angry all the time. What gives? What happened to you? I genuinely curious.


    Aaron Bialick

    Congratulations on finding a way to blame the victim in this situation. I know it was a challenge, but I think we all knew you could do it.



    Like most drivers, he is entirely self centered in his metal cocoon and could care less who outside is injured or killed.



    She was proving to you that she is the boss and demonstrating that she could run you over and kill you and you and your family would have no recourse whatsoever.

    If you she is identifiable to you send a complaint letter to Captain Sanford. He will probably ignore it, but at least it goes on her file. If you really want to stir up trouble file an OCC complaint. It will waste a lot of your time though.



    I spent five minutes counting vehicles this morning at 9th and Folsom. I only counted vehicles on Folsom. I counted them starting at 9:00 AM. Here are the results:

    Private Autos – 63
    Bicycles – 30
    Trucks – 6
    Motorcycles – 2
    Taxi – 1
    Skateboard – 1

    This is totally scientific and 100% accurate. At least it is about as accurate as the SFMTA counts. If you want to meet me there some morning, we can do another count.



    You can’t win for losing. When I stop on the right side of the street, drivers routinely pull up and make a right turn in front of me (if you want me to act like a car, you need to treat me like a car–and drivers don’t pull in front of cars going straight at a traffic signal to make their turns). Sometimes they clip the bike. When I take the lane and stop, drivers honk at me because they want me to run the stop sign so I don’t slow them down. Even when I’m carrying my kids. And once a driver who wasn’t planning to stop at the stop sign at all just ran me over when I was stopped. This was a few blocks from the SFPD Park Station. The officers who wrote the police report claimed it was my fault that driver ran me over as he ignored the stop sign, because I had taken the lane. It’s pretty obvious that Park Station doesn’t care whether people die. They just hate bikes.


    Nicasio Nakamine

    It’s scary how often this happens.



    Too subtle! I’m just a flatlander.



    And with respect to bathrooms at unattended stations, unfortunately the USA is not a civilized nation. They would be trashed and vandalized quickly.

    The only practical location for bathrooms are either on board or at staffed stations like SF or SJ.



    The point is no one – not someone driving or bicycling – should attempt to overtake someone so close to an intersection that they end up side-by-side at the STOP bar. Unfortunately, such behavior (usually exhibited by people driving, but also those bicycling) is common on streets like Page where there are stop signs every few hundred feet. Most of the time, cars and bikes will leapfrog each other, back and forth, progressing down the street at about the same rate. When driving and bicycling, I have been trying to be more patient in these situations and just hang back, cruising at a reasonable neighborhood speed.



    definitely on board



    if you both stop at the same time, you shouldve yielded to him. thats just smart riding. why would you try to take off at the exact same time as a car at the stop sign. you couldve’ just paused for 10 seconds and wouldnt have had a “near miss”


    david vartanoff

    This is not a legitimate question in a civilized nation.



    I always enjoy when the car next to me assumes I’ll blow the stop sign on my bike (despite cross traffic), so they blow the stop sign and nearly cause an accident while I laugh at them (having stopped).



    A few days ago I was almost run into on Waller at Shrader as a I heard the wheels of a vehicle which turned out to be a white van screeching behind me. There were no pedestrians or other vehicles (bikes, cars,…) at the intersection. I decided to come to a complete stop nonetheless as I was so close to Park Station and I have been seeing an impressive number of cops in the area recently. Therefore I will continue to ride the way I used to, yielding and stopping as necessary.


    Sabbie Send them an email and let them know what you think about this mis-appropriation of limited police resources towards bicyclists putting their foot down at stop signs.



    Sorry, I forgot to add the /s at the end!



    The fundamental problem is the Caltrain management generally drives, rather than take the train, and therefore has little grounding in reality. Or maybe they should just put a trap door in the floor of each car. In any case the disability card is poorly played because of course you just put the toilet in the ADA-accessible car, of which there’s only one.


    Nicholas Littlejohn

    Can report commercial drivers to their respective apps, for sure.


    Nick Aster

    It’s critical to have a public restroom on trains and in stations. I’m kind of stunned that this is even being discussed.