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    Scary being a pedestrian these days, honestly.



    Please reduce your sanctimony levels. It’s offensive to lecture others about how they should think or feel. Thank you.



    I was riding in my friend’s new BMW S-3 SUV. He pointed out a number of safety features–one feature alerts him when there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk or a nearby obstruction, like a light pole. These don’t come standard; they are options that bumped up the cost of the vehicle to $75K from a sticker price of $50K. Maybe it’s time that these features be required, like seat belts.


    Mesozoic Polk

    At least Oakland is thinking clearly! Cars may have free reign over 99.7% of street space, but we can always use more.



    Don’t worry, Jack London Square in Oakland has still decided to kick off the Bike Month festivities this Saturday, May 2nd, with their Car-topia (not kidding) event filling the usually pedestrian-oriented plaza:


    Amanda Clark

    In the past I’d either cut through Lakehaven, or just ride as fast as possible to minimize the amount of time spent on Tasman (I used to live at Fair Oaks and Tasman).


    Mesozoic Polk

    Bay Area Bike Month? How on earth did the all-powerful Bicycle Lobby manage to get 1/12 of the whole year devoted to a purely recreational non-transportation activity indulged in by at most 1/120 of the population?



    Also, not from the Bay Area, but I found this WashCycle blog post about bike share system and equity to be very relevant to how the Bay Area Bike Share expansion throughout SF, Oakland, and Berkeley could be rolled out:





    I don’t like to make excuses for poor road design – but I take Persian.


    Amanda Clark

    Tasman still needs a shoulder (at the very least) going *west* from Lawrence to Fair Oaks. That’s a scary bike ride or walk.


    Bike Pretty

    At this point Vehicular Cycling has been thoroughly debunked. We’ve achieved all we can by asking people to take the lane. Now it’s time to address the infrastructure.



    The California legislature passed a number of hit-run penalty increases and protections last year, but Gov Brown decided to veto them all and the legislature didn’t bother to challenge him (election year?). Unfortunate.



    These busts are misguided and terrible waste of time. I used to live in this area. Trying to get to Daly City BART from almost every side is difficult as a pedestrian and the wait times for the beg buttons are long.

    John Daly Blvd and De Long St (the feeder street into the BART station) are very overbuilt and not pedestrian or bike friendly.



    Hit and miss. Kifer is a total crapshow until you cross Lawrence and hit the Sunnyvale border and the bike lane starts.

    On the other hand the San Tomas Creek trail is a marvel. And when it ends there is a posh green carpet bike lane for additional miles, some of it very well buffered and not in a door zone.

    Then you have roads like Lawrence 8(


    Upright Biker

    Throw the book at him.



    I’d say the (continued?) physical, etc. trauma suffered by the pedestrian mostly renders as trivial the damage done to the oncoming car. But you mention it as “everything else related to this incident.” Is your empathy flat out broken or just a little buggy today?


    Greg Costikyan

    I’ve commuted by bike in Santa Clara — not on Tasman, though. There are some marked “bike lanes” — actually shoulders of arterial roads — but they involve crossing entrances to on-ramps onto 101, and that’s always a scary thing to navigate. One of the least bike-friendly of the Peninsula cities.


    Golden Gate Shark

    In many states, driving privileges can be suspended for life if the driver is a habitual DUI offender, or commits an irresponsible act that rises to a heinous, aggravated level.


    Jeffrey Baker

    Has that ever happened to any American person?


    Jeffrey Baker

    Why would an unlicensed driver have any insurance?


    Golden Gate Shark

    A lifetime ban on driving for this person would be a nice start.


    Aaron Bialick

    Thanks, fixed it. The SoMa grid can be confusing since it runs diagonal to the rest of the city’s grid. Apologies for only describing our streets right every other time.



    Correction: offending driver was heading northbound (not westbound) on Second Street and westbound (not southbound) on Howard. Those are the directions those two streets run. This may seem unimportant, and perhaps it is, but this is a local blog headquartered in San Francisco, and we should at least be able to describe our own streets right.



    In a civilized society this type of behavior would also result in revocation of driving privileges for life.



    Rewrite: “In the video, the driver of a grey Infiniti SUV stopped in the middle of a crosswalk at an intersection controlled by traffic lights. The video starts when the light is red, but it would be speculation to assume that the Infiniti came to a illegal stop where it did because of that traffic control feature or perhaps it was just to pick up a fare.”



    That was horrifying to watch, and I hope that silver SUV driver pays a heavy price for that stupid fast illegal left turn, the cost to repair the car hit, and everything else related to this incident.



    Nice! Tasman does fill up when there’s surge traffic related to the convention center and stadium but otherwise it is quite empty.



    There was definitely a great turnout at Berkeley’s Open House–I found it encouraging that comment after comment mentioned the need for protected bike lanes/cycletracks (and other synonyms such as “the bike lanes like they have in Copenhagen”).

    Hopefully Berkeley listens!



    Woo hoo! Thanks for the update, Andrew.



    And she’ll end up having a 15/30 insurance policy and no assets, so all 3 of those injured will have huge hospital debts even once they’ve recovered. Let’s all remember we haven’t raised our minimum insurance requirements in like 40 years.



    Good. A few weeks back I was crossing the Amtrak tracks just past the Stadium in the photo above. My spidey senses went off and I ended up hopping onto the sidewalk given that I was going to be pinned between a guardrail and some driver deciding to stay in the rightmost of the 3 lanes.

    I also have a friend who was t-boned on the stretch shown above – at least he was close to Levi’s Stadium which had medical personell



    With SB’s recently expanded advertising… To get to the point, it’s now running ads for T*d Cr*z.

    Not sure how I feel about that, but I will say I clicked on that ad, because I believe SB needs money more than T*d Cr*z’s presidential campaign does.



    Glad she was caught! Now let’s see what happens with the trial.



    NIMBYs use all avenues to block development even if those causes conflict with each other.



    The funny thing about scoot using up an entire parking space is that while they certainly are using street space in an inefficient manner, it’s likely the large vehicle that wanted to park in that space also only carried one occupant.



    Besides, don’t they serve alcohol at Warrior’s games?! Makes you wonder if what UCSF really wants is more ER patients.


    Thomas Rogers

    That Warriors arena article ( is fascinating. One UCSF concern is that “development could snag ambulances in gridlock”, so this anonymous group (apparently connected to UCSF donors) is recommending more parking spaces? Shouldn’t they be recommending fewer, to incentivize sustainable transit options? The demand for “an enforceable and binding view easement” also doesn’t make UCSF that reasonable, given how many views UCSF itself has blocked from Potrero Hill. Ed Lee threatening to go after UCSF’s tax exemptions is likewise entertaining!



    There is a strong correlation between vehicle speeds and deaths, between driver distraction and deaths, between vehicle code violations and deaths. But has anyone shown correlations to enforcement rates for pedestrian violations? This is data-driven pedestrian safety, after all.

    Consider this work: . Crosswalks were found to be more dangerous than signaled intersections for pedestrians, despite the fact that pedestrians are less likely to commit violations at crosswalks (they have right of way all the time). If pedestrian violations were a primary risk factor than wouldn’t crosswalks be safer, with no red light to violate? Increasing enforcement where violations occur, primarily at signaled intersections, will have relatively little effect.


    Bob Gunderson

    So true, so true.


    Bob Gunderson

    She didn’t even have a license, people, which would have made ~all the diffrence~



    The article didn’t say she was out on bail. It said bail was set at 100K. We don’t know if she can make it. A bondsman will require 10% and utter confidence that she won’t vanish.



    That’s one of our focuses to try to change behavior.

    Translation: “Get these fucking people OFF MY ROAD!”


    Dexter Wong

    Oh, Bob! You don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drive anyway!



    I was hit on Ralston. Two weeks after I got back from living (and biking every day) in one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe, that was my return welcome.
    America is sick and nasty. What the cops did to the bicyclist was a clear violation of civil rights.

    Yes, the ACLU should get involved but I think they must be too feeble/brainwashed/deluded to care.


    Dusty Bottoms

    This isn’t an “education” operation, it’s a revenue generating operation. If they really wanted to educate, they’d put up a billboard or something more effective than ticketing jaywalkers for a few hours.



    For a city that likes to claim being so bike-friendly bicycle parking royally sucks. There are many blocks downtown in busy shopping areas with no bike racks or sometimes just a paltry one for show. Its absolutely outrageous. They claim to want to see people change to using alternate modes of transit like bicycling. But if people are going to do that as an alternative they need places to actually park their bikes. Its only when I’m downtown and need to go to some place that is so well-served by motor-vehicle-oriented infrastructure that I realize how much BS most of what the city claims is.

    But then again, we’re talking about the city where the bike part thieves are pushing their overflowing shopping carts full of stolen goods down Market St. in the middle of the day.






    Maybe its just the DCPD officers’ way of getting back at all us lawbreaking scum who never went to Iraq. I really think that’s the kind of psychological dynamic going on behind a lot of this kind of shit.



    Which supervisors have cars from the City? What makes and models? Proof please!