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    Are there any stories about the three 2014 cyclist fatalities? I don’t recall any of these stories? Do these get pushed under the rug if the victim is not affluent?

    In response, the SFPD is doing a sting on cyclists at the T intersection of 5th and Townsend. This location sees occasional stings. I *believe* this sources from complaints from someone affiliated with Caltrain – the intersection is technically not a T intersection as 20 or so cars per day use the Caltrain employee parking lot on the East of Townsend at that spot. A sting there is definitely not low hanging fruit for traffic safety but an easy way for a cop to write a lot of tickets without the danger of “unpredictable” targets – the median income of a cyclist at that intersection is probably 6 figures.



    These days it might be faster to take the train and then walk. 101 is that bad.

    The next big thing – I predict – is going to be corporate shuttles that take employees from SF residential areas to Caltrain. Probably cheaper and faster for companies to do this and pay for employees mi-fi card.


    Jeffrey Baker

    The mountain view bus service is interesting. It’s basically a corporate shuttle with timed departures from Caltrain. Assuming it holds to its schedule it would be faster to take a baby bullet from sf and transfer to mvgo than it would be to take a corporate shuttle all the way down 101.




    SF Guest

    Why stop with the idea of demolishing only the Central Freeway? Just think of all the traffic congestion relief if 80/101/280 were demolished.



    But think of the drivers who will be FRUSTRATED or ANGERED by driving more slowly in narrow alleyways!



    Hear that one all the time.



    And I say not one more bicycle lane until ALL bicyclists follow ALL traffic laws ALL of the time.



    …you forgot “arrogant.”


    Jeffrey Baker

    Everybody should just read that book anyway. It’s a brilliant illumination of all the b.s. that goes on around here constantly.


    Shof Beavers

    I stand corrected. Still not a good idea but is legal


    Jacob Lynn

    I’m naturally skeptical when anybody whose primary motivation seems to be “vehicular flow” starts talking about how concerned they are about pedestrian safety. Is there anything to it other than scare tactics in this instance?



    Seriously! Drivers zip out of that garage without even looking most of the time. It’s an incredibly dangerous place to walk, especially at night.



    I say not one more scrap of pavement for cars until ALL drivers follow ALL traffic laws ALL the time.


    sebra leaves

    This is a good reason to test run these projects rather than put in permanent alterations.



    white entitlement aka “white whine” burns like a hot fire.



    screw the Hearst liars who have built an empire on lying, stealing racist bullshit. Go read “Imperial San Francisco” about how this dodgy corrupt crime family stole billions. They can take their inconvenience and stick it up their stupid white male patriarchal hate state asses.


    Jessica J

    Did a quick search, and it seems like bikes passing on the right used to be ambiguous but has been specifically legal in CA since 2010.


    Shof Beavers

    No, you were in the wrong. You are not allowed to pass on the right. Basic rules of the road.


    Shof Beavers

    Things got really bad after they banned cars from getting on the freeway at Octavia. This was because of the bicycles. Now they want page street also. Hiaght st. used to be a relatively quiet street but now it has become a freeway on ramp because of the Market/Octavia turning ban.


    David Baker

    Or you could tear out the parking garage.



    What? I was told “entitled” is pretty much a synonym for “cyclist”


    Thomas Rogers

    Entitlement is at the heart of so much anti-change opposition in this town.



    The Golden Gate Bridge is closed this weekend? Awesome! It’ll be so nice to have a pleasant weekend in SF without all of that riff-raff from Marin County in the city! Fewer speeding Bimmers to dodge, fewer Cervelos and Sevens plodding along on the roadways. Like a little slice of heaven right here!




    Andy Chow

    Secondly drivers tend to look for passing vehicles to the left and do not expect passing bikes to the right. Bikes generally stay on the right side of the road because faster cars can pass bikes on the left, but when the bikes are faster so the bikes too should pass on the left.



    A “vehicular cyclist” would have waited in the queue of cars, even if it meant sitting there for 10 min gagging on the exhaust.


    Bing Wu

    The phenomenon of cars backing up at Page/Octavia has been going on for several years, and happens on the weekends too. The safest and most convenient way to navigate this by bike, in my opinion, is to go around the cars on the left. This is because the chances of a car darting to the left is quite low (they pretty much all want to turn right onto Octavia), and motorists are fairly averse to driving on the wrong side of the road.


    Nicasio Nakamine

    It sounds like the driver was totally in the wrong and you were riding as safely as possible. However, I doubt you would have been able to stop the driver from leaving or get anyone from SFPD to care since there was no damage.

    Just consider it a reminder of how unpredictable the world is and count yourself as lucky to be safe.



    Caltrain IS traffic.


    Jessica J

    Not sure what I could have done to be safer here. I pulled up alongside, noting the car didn’t have a turn signal indicating he was going straight. I came to a stop, then proceeded through the intersection at which point he started moving and turned right into me. Note that he was waiting for the queue past Laguna to clear (it was backed up through the crosswalk), but then must have decided to try Haight and made the right turn off Page without signaling.

    I suppose I could have waited in the queue of cars, but no, I don’t take “better safe than sorry” nearly that far.


    Nicasio Nakamine

    The Wiggle is the easier route to take, but it’s also longer and out of the way, depending on where you are ultimately headed. As far as urgently needed fixes to the biking landscape,I’d say Page is low on my list because of the Wiggle.


    SF Guest

    It’s always better to be safe than sorry even if you have the right-of-way. Yes he was wrong to cut you off, but I never “force” myself into an unsafe situation even if I have the right-of-way as a pedestrian. There are too many bad and impatient drivers to put my life into their hands. I retired from bike riding knowing I’m the one taking the risk, and if someone else makes a mistake I will be the one who pays for it.



    An overview of grade separations:

    I’d say several of the listed intersections shouldn’t see grade separations yet. Palo Alto would love to have those intersections grade separated for two tracks so quad tracking (which is most important through Palo Alto) would be impossible.

    This will be a huge fight. Caltrain has no reason to budge. CHSR may get involved as well.


    Jessica J

    I just got bumped by a car here this morning. The queue extended past Laguna. Approaching Octavia, I always go down the left of the queue, but before Laguna there was ample room to go down the right. As I started across Laguna, the driver at the front suddenly decided to quit waiting and made a right turn without signaling into me. I wish I’d asked the driver to roll down his window and have a conversation about using turn signals, but I was so flustered and relieved to not be pancaked that I just said, “I’m OK” and waited for him to finish his turn. Once he continued and I re-noted his lack of turn signal, I realized how in-the-wrong he was.

    I’m curious if this is a situation where I should have tried to get SFPD to come and cite the driver. Or is that pointless?



    I just passed this exact scene this morning on foot. A couple of cyclists were attempting to thread the blockade from Buchanan all the way down.

    For people that live within the Oak/Octavia “elbow” as I do, it’s a real pain to get to the downtown side.

    Banning turns at either Page or Haight always seemed like a good idea to me. Motorists are often better off circling around on Oak from Buchanan, etc. rather than trying to squeeze in from these smaller streets at a few cars per green.



    The Wiggle is mostly useful for going west to avoid the hills. Eastbound not so much because it adds a half mile, compared to Page, to go from Page and Scott to Market and Van Ness and doesn’t avoid any major hill climbs.


    bob tobb

    This is a pretty pleasant branch from the Page & Scott Wiggle intersection if you’re heading eastbound. It’s not quite as pleasant westbound, as you have to deal with the three-block Page St. hill. But the merge onto Market at Page & Market is certainly less painful than it is at Buchanan & Market, and eastbound the Wiggle adds quite a bit of distance over the straight shot on Page.


    david vartanoff

    Caltrain to delay traffic? Great. Don’t like it? pay for grade separation out of gas tax–presumably eliminating grade crossings is a “highway improvement”.


    bob tobb

    The second photo is looking from Buchanan towards Laguna.



    It should be possible to sue the district attorney for obstruction of justice. Unfortunately, the courts have corruptly allowed DAs to get away with murder.

    (In fact, it appears that the current rule is that a DA who brazenly murders someone in broad daylight can simply “decline to prosecute” himself, and becomes untouchable. Would-be murderers, just get elected DA, then you can go on a mass kiling spree and get away with it!)



    Start with paint on the pavement, obviously (DO NOT ENTER). If that isn’t enough, tire spikes seem appropriate.



    What about the Wiggle? I thought that was supposed the sine qua non for bike paths from the Western Neighborhoods to Downtown.



    This is part of my bike commute to work and an important article, thanks, Aaron. In December I saw a nasty accident where a cyclist was badly injured after a collision with a car while going down the left side of the street (which I do every day).



    You don’t agree with this poster and don’t like his arguments and so you want to shut him down? As long as he is posting respectfully and directly addressing the other posters, answering the questions posed to him and having a dialogue, by what right do you tell him he can no longer engage in the conversation? Is this blog only for those who agree with you?



    Traffic diverters could be implemented at Page and Octavia allowing pedestrians/bikes through but not cars. Local car access to Page would still be possible on Laguna. Something like these treatments:

    Also, speaking of Page, as with many other parts of the city the stop signs are often too frequent. Local car access on many streets such as Page can be maintained while encouraging through bike traffic via diagonal bike diverters at former 4-way stops. Also, the neighborhood gets traffic calming:


    Chris J.

    Re: catching BART bike thieves, I was dismayed to learn that BART seems to make no attempt to review video footage when bike theft is reported. I had a front wheel stolen in front of a BART surveillance camera, and I filed a BART police report. But there was no investigation of the video (after requesting a copy of the report several weeks later).

    I asked some BART police officers about this, and they said that from their experience, you’d be lucky if they reviewed the video footage even if you provided a 5-minute time window in which the theft occurred.

    It seems like misplaced energy to “predictively” police for thefts when they aren’t making an attempt to investigate thefts that have already occurred — and in front of a video camera to boot.



    Thanks, 94110. The writer asked me to wrap it up.
    James C. Walker, Life member – National Motorists Association I am in the Ann Arbor phone book.



    As you wish. I have tried to respond one for one.
    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association



    Add this to the list of reasons the city needs to seriously consider demolishing the remainder of the Central Freeway.