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    Re the 3 foot law, it doesn’t apply in that 2nd situation – only applies when car and bike are moving in the same direction.

    In the first example, the driver actually showed some skill navigating the gap between the slower vehicle and the bike. One can question his judgement in getting into that situation, but his response at speed and under stress was near impeccable. And I say that as someone who has taken and passed the police driver training.



    I had a similar experience with an accident. A van, that did not signal, turn directly right into me. And I was rushed to the ER. Several days later, I received a ticket for passing on the right – when I was in a bike lane.



    The cyclist probably ran the stop sign while the driver of the car was texting.



    If a citizen sues the police or the city, the incompetent police officer does not pay – the citizen pays in the form of increased taxes. That really doesn’t serve as any sort of deterrent.



    “It’s a pretty grim situation that screams that cyclists simply must have video

    cameras lashed onto their bikes and helmets.”

    The headline makes one weep for the future of our country – “WARNING – Cyclists armed with cameras” – as if to say “You used to be able to do any cretinous thing you wanted, but now you might be caught”.

    The video embedded in the story shows a vehicle making a pass on CA-1 into oncoming cyclists. Scary stuff – “But CHP Officer Jon Sloat, who reviewed the video, said the incident did not warrant a citation.”

    Fast forward 2 weeks – and this happens.

    Same scenario – motorist decides to pass into oncoming traffic, this time taking out two cyclists and killing one. What does the CHP have to say?

    “He was legally passing in the sense that he was allowed to do so,” Bahlman said.



    I live on Beale St. and it’s an extreme rarity to not see several cars parked in the bike lane. Since moving to SOMA I pretty much avoid biking anywhere other than the waterfront. Even being a pedestrian here sucks as cars block and speed through intersections when pedestrians have right of way.



    Murph, it’s not true that a cop needs to witness. A cop just needs credible corroborating evidence, which is no different from the situation any other crime. The testimony of three witnesses easily qualifies.



    Fight the ticket.



    I was T boned on Beale by a woman racing out of her driveway and the Good Samaritan who thought he was helping by moving my bike was my undoing as the driver then claimed I hit her even though my injuries and my bike showed otherwise. The SFPD man who arrived was a huge jerk to me as I lay on the ground bleeding and in shock. It’s clear SFPD is biased against cyclists. SFFD on the other hand showed compassion and treated me like a human when they arrived on the scene. I don’t bike in SF anymore if I can help it.


    Michael Smith

    Hi Justin, welcome to the club. I got my back severely broken on Market Street. A taxi driver let a passenger out of the cab without pulling over and when I rode to the right of the cab I got doored. Not only did the police blame me but during the trial a police officer testified that they took the report. Problem is, they didn’t it. It was their partner. Even the defense said it was the wrong police officer. But he was still allowed to testify. That was a malevolent and intentional act by a police officer.



    Thanks for putting this story out there, Roger. This is a huge issue and there’s no doubt that, in the eyes of the police (well, and the Planning Dept and traffic engineers, but that’s another story), bicyclists are second-class citizens who “deserve” what they get. The bias is so thick that these cops would utterly fail any workplace bias training, yet somehow cops aren’t held to the same expectations in just about every other career, especially those where so much is at stake. It’s utterly amazing that our city leadership doesn’t step in and demand the police show bicyclists the same dignity and respect any victim of an collision deserves.

    What we have is a moral hazard issue: there are literally zero consequences to cops behaving like this (and by the way, what ever happened to that cop who hit the bicyclist that was caught on video? I’m 99% sure nothing happened to him). So I will keep saying it: we need some non-profits (like the SFBC, but it could be another organization, including a new), to start suing the police, the city, etc. until the realize they will pay a price for this kind of abuse of authority. It’s really said that apparently appealing to basic human dignity isn’t enough to stop the carnage, so I think it’s time for lawsuits.



    So much for the theory an officer needs to witness in order to cite



    Infuriating. Amelie’s tragedy pointed to SFPD anti-bike bias, which led to Vision Zero, which led to the Focus on the Five, which led to….nothing really changing with enforcement, nor the BOS holding the police accountable to those goals. And, in addition to that, NOTHING has been done to address the clear anti-bike bias within the department. Each collision leads to nothing but stepped up ticketing on the Wiggle…grrrr…


    Jym Dyer

    “This bike lane sponsored by Ford®, with free parking for Ford® customers and Chariot®. Why let Uber® have all the fun of parking in bike lanes?”


    Jym Dyer

    @mx – Feldstein was in fact making important points about demographics and land use, and all @RichTT did was hoark up Sarah Palin stupidity about how nobody should ever mention race, never mind that it’s actually relevant. But yeah, then to go on a “New York Jew” riff is really beyond the pale.


    Jym Dyer

    @voltairesmistress – Personally I think he should get the same treatment that made this and other sites blissfully free of the inane voluminous postings of @RoyTT, but this site is run by a skeleton crew these days.


    Jym Dyer

    @als – I have seen Scott Wiener and John Avalos on public transit. And Tom Ammiano back in the day.


    Martin Atkins

    The idea of mounting cameras is a good one, and something I have unfortunately had on my to-do list for far too long…

    We can also help others by sticking around when we see an accident, to give details to police first-hand. Some time ago I saw a (fortunately relatively minor) crash at 8th and Harrison, and of dozens of witnesses I was the only one (other than those involved) who stuck around to see if the victim was okay and leave my name with the paramedics that come to help. The police called me later and took a statement. No more than 20min total out of my day to speak up for someone who was unfit to speak for himself.


    Jym Dyer

    #CoolStoryBro but this article is about 101, which is not the SFMTA’s jurisdiction. The article (did you even read it?) mentions Caltrans, a state agency, which is responsible for 101 even in strange southern locales where it’s called “the” 101.


    Jym Dyer

    @RichLL – That’s not a rule of thumb, it’s a line from Sarah Palin’s stump speech.


    Jym Dyer

    @RichLL – Jim and Jym are different people.



    If I feel entitled to it, it’s taking!



    great news. i will gladly pay a toll to be able to move faster on the 101. we need more lanes north of there as well heading into SF


    Corvus Corax

    I was thinking exactly the same thing, and remembering still more snarky comments our WealthyLingeringLogorrheic has made against others who also find his nonstop opinionating objectionable. It would make an interesting case study to determine just how much time he spends favoring us with his ideas: I know he claims to be multi-tasking, but even the most cursory search on the myth of multi-tasking puts the lie to that. Thanks to the information from voltairesmistress, I have clicked on the magical three dots and now have the infinite pleasure of seeing line after line of “this user is blocked”, so I can actually read the comments here without getting so turned off that I close the page. O, brave new world…



    It’s been my experience that talking to people who go out of their way to label their fellow countrymen as “anti-American” (not even their specific proposals or beliefs or policies, but their very beings themselves are somehow opposed to this nation?) has never once been a productive use of my time. Goodbye.


    Cali Curmudgeon

    Except that there is a reason. he and his ilk have been anti-American forever and a day. And isn’t it funny how his tedious race baiting does not bother you at all.


    Dudley John Fournier III

    Generally I agree, and I wish we did more to fund public transportation throughout the Bay Area. For myself, if I could take a proper rail / mass transit line that was reasonably time efficient, then I would take it. But because I drive, and others like me drive, the funding goes to making sure I can keep driving. It’s not how I wish it were, but it’s the way things are.



    What about “Optimized HOV”? Aka the same configuration as 101 has from SJ to Redwood City? Keep the existing Auxiliary lanes and just add signs and paint to lane #1? The cost should be even lower than the $11.5 million spent on the study, we give faster movement to buses and doesn’t preclude conversion to HOT later…



    Maybe we could not equate fellow commentators with terrorists for, you know, absolutely no reason?



    I know these are parts of 2 different sub-trees so you’ll claim context as an excuse. Its still ironic when these appear one after the other on 2 closely timed posts:
    > As MLK said, “we must learn how to disagree without being disagreeable”.
    > And yet isn’t the real tragedy that you lack the intellectual range and emotional maturity to …



    While Jeffrey’s comment is glib, you should realize that having to expand 101 is also a type of congestion charge — one that everyone ends up paying to save *your* time, including the people on the train!

    Funny how they keep finding money to expand road networks while twiddling their thumbs on Caltrain electrification which should have been done like 2 decades ago. Drivers wondering why public transport is not competitive is the last straw — its because roads eat up all of the funds, duh!


    Cali Curmudgeon

    Ah yes, the Big Lie put forth to push the treason agenda. Never mind the unemployed US Citizens, often African Americans or Mexican Americans, you Commiecrats just want a larger welfare state lumpenproletariat.


    Cali Curmudgeon

    Sure you did. Like Major Nidal Hassan, no doubt. You support the troops–when they kill their fellows….


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    Donovan Lacy

    I think that it is great to have Ford help pay for the bike share expansion. Now if we can get them to sponsor a couple hundred miles of protected bike lanes throughout SF I think we will be in business.



    Ford is paying to advertise on bikes to people who ride bikes more than cars. Why not.



    And by the “This user is blocked” tag it appears he’s still responding. Please respond to this one too, Rich, I can’t see it or respond to your responses, and I’m not opening another account just to be wowed by your stylings.



    Voltaire, thank you for appreciating my “brilliance” but, truthfully, I only post here when I am working, which is why I rarely post here at night or on week-ends. Like many others here, when I am not working I have better things to do.

    And with basic multi-tasking skills, it takes little time and effort to contribute actively here. Perhaps the problem is more that others contribute less – I notice people often have no refutation of my arguments and so duck.



    So, Greasy, what you are really saying is that you only want to hear one side of any debate?

    The analogy here holds. If cyclists want to slow down drivers when they are the vulnerable road user, then why do they behave exactly like drivers on the Panhandle mixed-use path?

    Can you seriously not see how that double standard undermines what you seek to achieve? And object when anyone points that out?



    mx, Since Lisa Feldstein made a point of citing her specific geographic, ethnic, educational and cultural background (AKA identity politics) as positives in her (doomed) campaign then it seems borderline bizarre to object to citing them.

    But maybe I should have said SJW rather than NYJ? In any event I believe my revelations about her, including exposing direct lies and hypocrisy, helped lead to her withdrawing from the race. A job, perhaps, that formal journalists should have done?



    My patience for Rich’s comments dropped dramatically after he decided to attack Lisa Feldstein for being too much like a New York Jew for his tastes.



    I’m not a big fan of more corporate ads spread around town (indeed, are we sure the Ford branding doesn’t violate SF’s anti-billboard laws?), but am really looking forward to more bikes. I use it to go up/down Market decently often (heck, today I used it to go four blocks down Market because I was in a hurry and it was right there), and being able to get to the Mission on it would be a big improvement. To the extent that the sponsorship helps pay for that and maybe helps avoid a membership fee increase, it’s hard to complain too much.



    I’ll always call her BABS



    RichLL’s prolific trolling has become an unenlightening distraction.

    Those of us who want to discuss something substantive, like the city’s plans to slow motorists in Golden Gate Park to prevent them from continuing to kill and maim vulnerable road users, are poorly served when some troll pushes–apropos of nothing–further impeding bicycle traffic on the Panhandle. One is a plan to implement a relevant, data-driven solution to a real, quantified problem; the other is just another compulsive restatement of anti-bike animus.


    Karen Lynn Allen

    What does everyone think about the Ford GoBike rebranding of Bay Area Bikeshare? On the one hand, I’m a little sad to see yet another bikeshare go corporatized (and by a car company!) and yet going from 700 to 7000 bikes will be amazing. It looks like the Mission/Castro/Duboce Triangle/Bernal neighborhoods will roll out next spring, which will make the system vastly more useful. Wish it were even sooner.


    Karen Lynn Allen

    Wow, great tip! Really cleans things up. Not nearly as much scrolling.



    Yes, exactly. I even agreed with Rich on occasion. But I don’t want anyone taking over the forum and not exercising some basic self restraint and judgment as to whether he or she is offering something unpredictable or challenging. Few of us could entertain a captive audience day after day with our brilliance! 🙄



    Murph, i love that you are proud of being ignorant of what is being discussed. Must be very comforting to not hear any opinion you don’t like simply by shutting out an entire discussion thread.



    It’s usually executives rather than administrators, legislators and civil servants who are targeted for attack in public. So I’d expect supervisors to take transit without feeling in peril but not the mayor, the governor or the President. Even the Veep takes Amtrak, I have hears, although perhaps I only heard that because it is considered newsworthy.



    Murph, are you suggesting that SFSB does not encourage active engagement in discussion?