Today’s Headlines

  • Transportation Gets Less Than Expected in Federal Stimulus Bill (WSJ)
  • Details of the Transportation Segment Reviewed (Transport Politic via
  • Governors Unhappy Bill Doesn’t Give More to Road Projects (Politico)
  • Former BART Officer Pleads "Not-Guilty" in Shooting of Oscar Grant (SF Chronicle
  • Caltrans to Pay $7 Million to Transit for Right to Add Carpool Lanes to Sacramento Freeway (Sacbee)
  • Caltrans Halts Funding for Fourth Bore of Caldecott Tunnel (SF Chronicle)
  • Man Who Would Not Remove Bicycle From Caltrain Pays Fine for Disturbing Peace (CBS5)
  • Cell Phone Ban for Muni Drivers (Muni Diaries)
  • F-Stockton Will See New Trolley Cars (Market St Railway)
  • More Fear From Peninsula Residents that High Speed Rail Will Ruin Neighborhoods (CHSRB)
  • A Very Interesting Proposal for Streetcars in Oakland (SF Cityscape)


California Bike Coalition Seeks More Representative Caltrans Standards

The following is being republished from the monthly newsletter of the California Bicycle Coalition. When bicycling facilities help people feel safer, more people of all ages and abilities ride bikes. Yet the current statewide design standards keep California cities from building the kind of facilities envisioned by the Urban Bikeways Design Guide released earlier this […]

Protected Bike Lanes Bill Passes CA Senate Transportation Committee

The “Protected Bikeways Act,” A.B. 1193, passed the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee Thursday on a 10-0 vote, despite opposition from some quarters. The bill must still be approved by the full Senate and Governor Jerry Brown. The proposed legislation, introduced by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), would compel Caltrans to create guidelines for protected bike […]