Volunteers Clean Up the Streets for National Day of Service

Family.jpgA family scours Valencia Street for trash as part of the National Day of Service

In honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday, groups around the country are heeding President-elect Obama’s call for a National Day of Service.  

In San Francisco, A Good Idea volunteers combed the Mission, Civic Center, and Downtown with garbage bags and latex gloves, picking up trash and spreading good cheer.  It was amazing how much trash sanitation vehicles had missed along Valencia Street and the difference that 70 volunteers could make sweeping down both curbs, their shirts encouraging onlookers to "Be the Change."

Jared_Paul.jpgJared Paul, Founder of A Good Idea

"We’ve focused on food and housing for the homeless, but we had never done anything for the environment," said Jared Paul, founder of A Good Idea.  "We thought this would be a good way to get people involved on the street without them having to spend much money.  It’s really nice to be a part of National Service Day and know this is going on all over the country."


If you saw similar street cleaning or community improvement projects today in San Francisco, please send us your pictures or accounts of actions.  Happy Day of Service!

Photos: Matthew Roth


Collecting Data to Push for Safer Biking on Valencia

During yesterday evening’s rush hour, safe streets advocates, organized by Catherine Orland, District 9 representative to the Bicycle Advisory Committee and longtime member and volunteer with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, started collecting hard data about how often the bike lanes on Valencia Street are blocked by motorists. Take a wild guess what they found: […]
A handful of the 80 or so volunteers who spent MLK day cleaning and beautifying Oakland. Photo: Streetsblog

Cleaning Streets to Celebrate Martin Luther King

Yesterday morning, some 80 volunteers came to a Martin Luther King Jr. National Service Day event in Fruitvale, organized by the Oakland Office of Public Works, the City of Oakland, and Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo. The volunteers, who assembled near the BART station at 9, collected trash from nearby streets and public spaces, trimmed trees, and gardened the grounds of the Oakland Animal Shelter.