Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. Needs Long Term Vision for Stimulus Spending on Transpo Infrastructure (Bloomberg)
  • Oberstar: Transit Pushed Aside for Tax Cuts in Stimulus Bill (TPM)
  • House Stimulus Bill Would Give CA $2.8B for Roads, $950M for Transit (LA Times)
  • Schwarzenegger lobbies DC for CA Tailpipe Restrictions, Enviros Thrilled (NY Times)
  • Chronicle Editorial Supports Gov’s Bid to Enforce Strict Tailpipe Standards (SF Gate)
  • BART to Consider Increased Fares and Parking Fees to Close Budget Deficit (Examinter)
  • Muni Collecting More Fares, Increasing Revenues, and Vowing Innovation (Examiner)
  • More Peninsula Grousing Over High Speed Rail (PA Online)
  • Assailant in 2006 Death Over Parking Space Guilty of Manslaughter (SF Gate)(Examiner)
  • L.A. Approves Westside Subway Extension (LA Times)
  • Bye-Bye Overhead Wires?  Meet the New Electromagnetic Trams (Transport Politic)


Today’s Headlines

LaHood Gets Softball Questions at Confirmation Hearing (WaPo, NYT, AP) Senate Coalition to Push for More Transit Funding in Stimulus Bill (Open Left) CA High Speed Rail Chair Calls for Better Commuter Rail at Transpo Forum (NL Times) Schwarzenegger Asks Obama for Tougher Tailpipe Emissions Restrictions (SF Gate) SFO Launches "Green" Rental Car Program, Incentives […]

NY and CA: How Did They Spend Transportation Stimulus Money?

In an economic recovery report released today by New York Gov. David Paterson (D), the state broke down its plans for the estimated $31 billion it received as part of the Obama administration’s first stimulus law. New York spent more than half of its transport stimulus money on transit. (Photo: PlanetWare) A chart of New […]

White House Backs $50B For ‘Merit-Based Infrastructure Investment’

President Obama today threw his weight behind significant new transportation spending as part of a broad jobs bill taking shape in Congress, with $50 billion slated for transit, roads, bridges, and ports and the administration endorsing "merit-based infrastructure investment that leverages federal dollars." President Obama gave a high-profile jobs speech today. (Photo: NYT) During his […]

The Upside of GOP ‘Hypocrisy’ on Transportation Stimulus Grants

To call Rep. Pete Sessions (TX), chairman of the House Republican campaign committee, a critic of the Obama administration’s stimulus law would be putting it mildly. Sessions marked the one-year anniversary of the law’s passage last week by labeling the stimulus a "massive spending binge" that only "allegedly" created jobs in his district. Is his […]