Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrans Still Resistant to Putting a Bike Lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (Marin IJ
  • Pedestrian Activation Buttons Installed at the Dangerous Intersection of Fell/Masonic (SF Citizen)
  • Amtrak Funding in Danger of Being Cut (Trains for America)
  • Conductor in L.A. Metrolink Crash Raised Concerns About Engineer’s Cell Phone Use (LAT)
  • Is There Really Such a Thing as a "Green Car?" (scaledown via Streetsblog Network)
  • Opponents of Sonoma County Asphalt Plant Considering Lawsuit (Press Democrat)
  • Exploratorium Construction on the Embarcadero Could Threaten Marine Life (SF Examiner)
  • Debunking Transportation Myths About L.A. (Freakonomics)
  • Historic Fox Theater Reopens in Oakland (CBS5)
  • Bikes in Brazil: Chris Carlsson’s Journey to Bike-Friendly Belem (Nowtopian)
  • Amazing that the Fox has reopened. Ten years ago, I worked across the street from it, and looking out the window you could see that the theater and all the storefronts around it were abandoned – except for one store whose business was fixing broken pool cues.

    That is a very unusual business, and I finally realized that there is only one way it could have survived: it must have been common for people to get in fights in pool halls and to bash each other over the head with their cues – which helped them win the fight but also broke the cue, creating business for this store