Today’s Headlines

  • State Budget Deal Would Eliminate Public Transit Funds (, Transbay Blog)
  • If Wall Street Gets Operating Funds Why Not Public Transit? (NYT)
  • The Time is Now for High Speed Rail (HuffPo)
  • BART Protesters Turn Out in Force at Board Meeting (ABC7)
  • Planning Workshop on Palo Alto’s California Avenue Gets Heated (Merc)
  • San Jose Boy Who Was Struck By a Car in Hit-n-Run Crash Still in a Coma (Merc)
  • The Politics of Parking in San Francisco (SF State News)
  • Rail Car Manufacturers Put on a Show for SMART (Marin IJ)
  • The Benefits of a Sidewalk Perspective (Sustainable Savannah via Streetsblog Network)
  • Where to Watch the Amgen Tour This Weekend (SF Gate, Bikescape)


Guest Editorial: Driverless Cars Could Wreck Livable Cities

Over the past year driverless cars have been promoted as a panacea for livable cities. The storyline is that driverless cars will help reduce car ownership, free-up urban space for walking and biking, and help reduce death and injury. The USDOT has joined the parade with its “smart city challenge,” awarding Columbus, Ohio a $40 […]