Tonight: PBS on Transit, States, and the Stimulus

Streetsbloggers will want to tune in to PBS tonight for the latest installment in the Blueprint America series. At 11pm (on KQED in San Francisco), NOW will look at where all that stimulus cash is headed. Here’s the teaser:


Barack Obama’s stimulus money is nearly out the door and on its way to
the states, but will it be spent in the way it is intended?

One alarming example: Mass transit. Cities and states,
strapped for money, are cutting back on mass transit even as it becomes
more popular with Americans. Meanwhile, President Obama is calling for
increased mass transit as a necessary step toward energy independence.
Will the government’s investment dramatically revitalize our national
travel infrastructure, or will states spend the money according to
‘business as usual’?

This week NOW on PBS — with Blueprint
America — travels to North Carolina to see what the future holds for
mass transit in these troubling financial times.

The previous NOW episode in the series was 30 minutes well spent.


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