Today’s Headlines

  • BART Will Test New Lights in Trains (Examiner)
  • Barring KFC Pothole Sponsorship, SF May Ask Voters to Approve Street-Fix Bond (Examiner)
  • High-Speed Rail Could Face Lasting Fight on Peninsula (Merc) (Merc)
  • High-Speed Rail Myth v. Fact (Merc)
  • A HSR Proposal That Avoids Palo Alto Entirely (HSR Blog)
  • Local Car Dealerships See Modest Sales Increase As Auto Stocks Rise (Merc) (WaPo)
  • Air Passenger Traffic Down at SFO (Examiner)
  • LaHood: Feds Should Fund Transit Expansion, But Not Transit Operations (East Valley Trib)
  • Brookings: Stimulus Bill Neglects Metro Areas (Ryan Avent)