Today’s Headlines

  • BART Will Test New Lights in Trains (Examiner)
  • Barring KFC Pothole Sponsorship, SF May Ask Voters to Approve Street-Fix Bond (Examiner)
  • High-Speed Rail Could Face Lasting Fight on Peninsula (Merc) (Merc)
  • High-Speed Rail Myth v. Fact (Merc)
  • A HSR Proposal That Avoids Palo Alto Entirely (HSR Blog)
  • Local Car Dealerships See Modest Sales Increase As Auto Stocks Rise (Merc) (WaPo)
  • Air Passenger Traffic Down at SFO (Examiner)
  • LaHood: Feds Should Fund Transit Expansion, But Not Transit Operations (East Valley Trib)
  • Brookings: Stimulus Bill Neglects Metro Areas (Ryan Avent)
  • I’ve seen some of those LED lights on Flickr here and there.

    San Jose wants to replace all streetlights with LEDs to cut its $4 million annual electric bill just for street lights.

  • Street bonds are a wonderful. You go $300,000,000 into hock, spend that money over a few years, and spend the last 20 paying them back wistful at those good years when there were nice streets and sidewalks.

    Streets and sidewalks are the simplest of capital systems. Their depreciation schedules are well known. If the City cannot afford to budget sufficient dollars to maintain these systems, they they surely cannot afford to float bonds to put this on the credit card.

    How about a sustainable streets capital plan that ensures we budget enough annually to account for depreciation and keep this critical capital resource in good working order?