Today’s Headlines

  • Obama’s Vision for High-Speed Rail in the U.S. (WSJ, NYT, Infrastructurist, Yglesias)
  • Lots of Competition for HSR Funding But Calif. Has Advantage (SF Gate, CHSRB)
  • Interior Sec Hears a "Resounding No" To Drilling for Oil Off Calif. Coast (SF Gate, LAT)
  • EPA Takes First Step Toward Regulating CO2 Emissions (Sac Bee)
  • SF Examiner: Muni’s T-Third Line Not Living Up To Its Potential 
  • VTA May Avoid Deep Service Cuts, Layoffs, But Fare Hikes Likely (Merc)
  • More Evidence Transit Is Good for Your Health (Transit Miami via
  • More on Yesterday’s Sunday Streets Press Conference (SF Gate)
  • Corporate Sponsorships Will Barely Be Noticeable at Sunday Streets (SFBG)
  • Report: Transpo Projects Key to Economic Prosperity in San Mateo County (Merc)
  • Schwarzenegger to Speak at Detroit Automotive Engineers Convention (ENS)
  • “The average speeds on the (T-Third) line are between 10 and 11 mph,” Snyder said, which “is at the low end of typical speeds for light rail that shares right of way with cars.” But Snyder said the T-Third, “with mixed right-of-way but mostly exclusive, should have a speed closer to 15-20 mph.”

    Not only does it not live up to the expectation in terms of speed, its frequency is low and inconsistent. Once I checked the next train arrival time and it predicts to arrive in something like 25 minutes. I leave the station in disgust and walk the 1.5 miles route instead. In a typical SF MUNI fashion, walking beats the slow coach. Only in this case walking beats the speedy light rail too.