Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Moves to Exert Control Over SFPD’s Traffic Company (SF Gate)
  • New CEQA Guidelines Create Worrisome Loopholes (Ca. Progress Report)
  • Design Plan Threatens Historic Integrity of Presidio’s Main Post (SF Gate
  • Plan for South San Francisco Caltrain Station Delayed (SF Examiner)
  • Condo Tower Near Transamerica Building Faces "Significant Challenges" (SF Gate)
  • LA Controller Probes Supes Role in Ouster of Chief Planner (LAT)
  • Man Walking near Discovery Museum Critically Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver (Merc
  • Competitive Cyclist Hospitalized After Hit-and-Run in Saratoga (Merc)
  • San Rafael To Adopt Climate Action Plan (Marin IJ)
  • Santa Rosa Debates Plan To Build Affordable Housing (Press Democrat
  • Study: Bike Helmet Laws Do More Harm Than Good (M-Bike via
  • The Mayor’s office is swindling the Board of Supervisors by transferring the SFPD Traffic Company to the MTA.

    The MTA cannot run the complex transit system effectively, so the solution to that seems to be to pile on the impossibly complex policy black hole of the Taxi Commission onto them and now to shield the Traffic Company from any Board of Supervisors policy oversight by giving control over that to the MTA.

    The Board of Supervisors should cut the SFPD budget by the amount paid by Muni for the Traffic Company, keep the Traffic Company at the SFPD and “foot patrol” the hell out of the Traffic Company to compel, with legislation, compliance with Transit First enforcement.

    Further, the BofS should make the POA figure out how to plug the budget gap which is a direct result of shifting the burden from the 25% “loss leader” raises given out 2 years ago from a department that is as good at protecting us from violent crime to the MTA which cannot run a timely transit system.

    The MTA has been unable to use the DPT to keep transit moving, why would they be able to use the SFPD to do the same? I would imagine that the parochial and cranky cops would ignore directives from the MTA leaving the Board no leverage, the cops laughing all the way to the bank and us stuck in a Muni death spiral.