Today’s Headlines

  • Highway Lobby Threatens to Sabotage Transpo Bill If Transit Gets Bigger Share (CQ Politics via TOW)
  • GM Execs Still Have a Rosy Outlook About Future Sales (NYT)
  • Caltrain Will Not Eliminate Weekend Service or Raise Fares (San Mateo Daily Journal)
  • More on MTA Director Heinicke’s Idea for Sponsored Street and Cable Cars (SF Examiner)
  • Muni Budget Battle First in Wave of Budget Fights Between Progressive Supes and Mayor (SFBG)
  • Union Criticizes BART Over Credit Card Spending (Matier & Ross)
  • SC Supervisor Ken Yeager Criticizes County’s "Wasteful and Lax" Vehicle Fleet (Merc)
  • SF Gate: "New Meters Challenging SF Parkers"
  • Newsom’s Former Chief of Staff to Head Rec and Parks Department (SF Gate)
  • 311 Call Center Now on Twitter (BCN via CBS5)
  • Ray LaHood Impressed with European High-Speed Rail Systems (CHSRB)
  • Good stuff. Not removing weekend service is the right decision by Caltrain. Maybe they never intended to kill it and just dangled that threat (and Gilroy) to soften the blow of reduced midday service.

    And great stuff from Ken Yeager. He’s a friend of cyclists on the Caltrain JPB.