Gav for Guv Interview This Thursday on Current

hybrid_plug_ins.jpgFlickr photo: mayorgavinnewsom

One of the good things about Mayor Gavin Newsom’s obsession with putting public discourse online is the opportunity the public has to ask him a lot of questions.  In this vein, Current is holding a live online video interview with California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom about his "green" agenda and they are seeking help from the public to choose the questions they ask him.

You can go here to submit your own question and vote existing questions up or down the menu.  Be sure to watch the interview Thursday, June 11th, at 12 pm PST.

Right now there are some standard boilerplate topics that he’s probably prepared to answer with canned political slick. Unfortunately there are very few questions that link pollution to driving (more than 40 percent of global warming emissions in the state) and nothing that asks for broad analysis of land use, transit funding, and the need to reduce driving.  There is one question about Muni, but it’s all the way down at number 20 right now.  Let’s get it up there higher and see if we can’t get some more good questions about public transit operations on the menu. 

At least there’s nothing about electric cars saving the planet from destruction, because that one really gets my goat.

  • If I have it right, it’s too late to produce our own “Gotcha Question” for Sarah I mean Gavin?

  • Gavin’s handlers always screen out any question that would make him look less than perfect, but good luck anyway, sure is hilarious to see gavin drive that “hybrid” Monster Truck around the state, spending all those tax dollars on his campaign, and killing MUNI, all the while the sheeple praise him for “being green.”

    He’s just another Arnold, nothing else. But hey! he has an electric car!

  • Well, in theory this thing allows users to submit and vote on questions. Hard for Gavin to duck that without some sort of backlash. But I think we’re too late.

  • He’s on now. Looks like our question got up to #3. We’ll see if he answers it without a bunch of Newsom BS. Doubt it.

  • I guess we are up #2, my mistake. Also looks like Gavin has upped the N/T frequency going by in the background. Wonder if they are just going back and forth…


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