Ad Nauseam: Antisocial Thuggery From Pioneer

What’s more authentically American than boys suping up their rides and preening about town deafening all within earshot (reducing taxes, you say..)? The Speed Network series Hot Import Nights is the weekly sex-and-horsepower profile of the subculture, and as anyone who saw any of the Fast and the Furious movies in the Bay Area knows, selling these components to gear-heads is brisk business. 

The NY-based NoiseOFF website has compiled a fascinating case against the manufacturers of car audio equipment, much of it drawn directly from product advertising, in which companies use slogans like "Turn it down? I don’t think so." and "Be Loud. Be Obnoxious." to market their wares, mostly to young men with a misguided longing for attention and "respect" (I speak from experience here).

For insight into the twisted psychology of boom car ownership, and the perverse ways it is exploited by the car audio industry, get a load of this long-form ad from Pioneer (also featured on NoiseOFF), entitled "Disturb." Think that guy on the block cares that he’s rattling windows and setting off car alarms? Hardly. More likely it’s his reason for living.

  • marcos

    No time to read this, gotta be seen walking my $3,000 pimped out fixie down the sidewalk on Valencia Street to a meeting about how to stand up to those gearheads.


  • ZA

    If young men want to get the attention of the ladies…show you can slow down (remember, ladies like to be romanced) and strut your real stuff (you know, the music you make, not the music you buy)…with a bike audio system.

    For example:

  • okey-dokey

    capitalism will always exploit the work, in this case cars and sound systems, to the masses, in this case predominately young men-of-color, with it’s perverted messaging of whatever they say how one should be, in tis case a man…..maybe we need real cool videos espousing the ‘macho-ness’ of bicycle riding 😉

    one thing i know is demonizing this section of our society will only perpetuate it….what about NASCAR and its influence on ‘high and fast’ car culture ?

  • Wads

    We get a lot of these douchebags over by Mitchells Ice Cream. I keep a rotten egg in my water bottle holder, and one next to my window.


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